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Rob Zombie

Past, Present and Future

Review by Patrick Hennen

All right now all you spoooooooky kiddies. Sit down now around the campfire and sharpen your implements of destruction while I tell you all about this fine work from everyone's favorite musician turned director, turned cartoonist, turned director again and uh…. Oh yeah, back to musician for Ozzfest 2005. This greatest hits package has just that, some of the greatest work Mr. Zombie has done as well as putting it in with a DVD of videos, some seen and some never seen before. The songs include 2 new tracks as well as some work with White Zombie.

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Track by Track Review
Thunder Kiss '65:
One of the all time heaviest songs from the White Zombie era, this track is one that I will always love. I can never seem to get the tune out of my head once it gets implanted in it.
Black Sunshine
This track features Iggy Pop, again from the White Zombie days. This tune sort of puts me in the mind of Ministry, or is it the other way around?
Feed The Gods
Yep, another from the White Zombie timeframe. This sounds like Rob Zombie meets Trent Reznor. This one really paves the way for what his songs would sound like later on.
More Human Than Human
I don't know of anyone who hasn't known of this song if they've heard anything by Mr. Zombie. It's a true classic from the White Zombie days.
Super Charger Heaven
This is, once again, one from the White Zombie archives. There is true genius at work in this song. Some may know it from the lyrics "Devil man, Devil man". This is another piece that would ultimately show the focus of his later music.
I'm Your Boogie Man
This is the final track from the White Zombie times, and quite frankly, this was never one of my all time favorites. It just has a bit too much cheesy disco feel to it for me. However, I do know that others absolutely love it.
Hands Of Death Burn Baby Burn
This track has been done at least 2 times that I'm aware of. Once for Mr. Zombie's disc and once for Alice Cooper's box set, "The Life And Crimes of Alice Cooper". With each version there are different background mixings to sound more to fit the individual whose album it is on.
The Great American Nightmare
I have to admit I was very wary of this track as it included Howard Stern in it. After listening to it however, I find this is one of my favorite tracks on this set.
I can't help it, I have to use a quote from Alice Cooper for this one. "Anyone that would even think about writing a song about Herman Munster's racing car 'Dragula' is all right in my book."
Living Dead Girl
Another one of Mr. Zombie's more popular tunes. Most people who know of him, know of this track. This is another true classic.
This is a punchy little ditty with some very good use of keyboards in it. I was very glad to see this one included.
Feel So Numb
This is an awesome tune with a drive that doesn't quit. If you don't tap your foot at least once while this song is on, you better check your pulse because I think you might be dead.
Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)
This is one of my personal favorites of his. At one point, my wife and I actually went shopping for a Durango and couldn't stop singing the opening to this song.
Demon Speeding
This was the opening track to "The Sinister Urge" disc. As awesome as this tune is it needed to be included in this set. It's a true classic.
Brick House 2003
This is one of those songs that when you see it on the disc a big question mark pops up over your head. Especially when you see that he did this track with Trina and Lionel Richie! It's one of the best remakes that I've ever heard. He keeps close enough to the original that you can not mistake where it came from, but includes enough changes to truly make the song his. This is the song that probably won him the title of "Best Dancer at Ozzfest."
Pussy Liquor
This is one of the new songs that he did for his movie "House of 1000 Corpses." It actually tells about some of the characters in the movie.
Blitzkrieg Bop
This came from the "All in the Family" Ramones tribute disc. Mr. Zombie has a great knack for taking remakes and really working them over so that his style clearly comes through. This song is no exception to this.
Two-Lane Blacktop
This is the first of the 2 new tracks that were made only for this disc. This song could very well have been called "Black Sunshine II" However this song is very catchy and very well done.
Girl On Fire
The final track of this opus, this one sounds to me to have been very worked over by Rob's brother of Powerman 5000 fame. There is a lot of remixing in this track. It's not a high favorite of mine, but worth a listen.
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