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A Perfect Murder

Strength Through Vengeance

Review by Travis Jensen

Have you been wondering what to do with that void in your musical life since Pantera has disbanded and will probably never play as a group ever again? Well, this is your band to take the place of what was one of the most influential metal bands of the 90’s. Phil Anselmo has gone on to do albums with Down and Superjoint Ritual, as you may know, but is somewhat inconsistent with where he will be from one day to the next. A Perfect Murder has been around for several years now and is on their fourth release; Cease to Suffer in 2003, Unbroken in 2004, Rehearsal also in 2004 and Strength Through Vengeance in 2005. They just returned from Their Hell on Earth European tour, have a few dates left in Canada and will hopefully be playing some venues in your neck of the woods sometime soon.

The A.P.M. line-up consists of Carl Bouchard on Vocals, Yan Chausse on Drums, Sebastien Gagnon playing Lead Guitar, Kyrill Ducharme on Guitar and Francois Michel Labrie on Bass. This group comes together to form one of the most powerful metal groups around today, as every song on this CD rocks just as much as the other ones. In fact, the entire album has made it to my Ipod, unlike other groups in which only select songs are installed. There is a heavy consistency that is carried out from one song to the next without becoming redundant like some other groups do, making it seem like one continuous song.

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Track by Track Review
Strength Through Vengeance
I can see why this song is the first track, this is the first impression that sets the stage of what is to come. My neck is still sore from this one…thrash until you cannot stand up anymore!
Black Hate Machine
This one reminds me of the a**-kicking style that Pantera had on the Vulgar Display of Power LP. I think that it is because of the voice-over in a few select areas. I especially like the guitar solos in this one, which is kind of tormenting.
Wake Up and Die
For all of you drum and guitar freaks out there, this track is for you. However, the change-up in the vocals is a little distracting in contrast with the rest of it. I realize that showing a variation in vocal styles is tempting, but just doesn’t seem to fit in this one.
Snake Eyes
The intro of this track reminds me of a heavy version of “Dissident Aggressor” by Judas Priest, but it quickly changes once the vocals start. I hate to keep mentioning Pantera, but Far Beyond Driven comes to mind for this one.
Path of Resistance
I really like the eerie intro to this one, which leads to some ripping vocals. There is definitely a heavy, rhythmic appeal to this one, mostly backed by the guitars and drums.
Deceit of Man
The drums and bass guitar really come alive in this one, as the intro beats into your skull. I particularly like this one because of the longer instrumental before the vocals start.
Body and Blood
This one is probably my favorite, because of the way it makes me feel, where I wish I was in a mosh-pit smashing people in the eyes with my elbows. Play this one as loud as you can!
Rotten I
The change in rhythm from the chorus to the verses really adds to the diversity of the song. I like how this one seems to change slightly from the others.
Suffocation of Thought
This is one where the rhythm and lead guitars work very well together. The way they carry the beat of the vocals makes it seem somewhat evil.
Time Changes Nothing
This one is strictly instrumental. I’ve never been a huge fan of these kind of songs, but if you play it at a high enough volume, it is still a mesmerizing cut. I think that if the length of the track were cut in half, it could have the same impact and not be so tiresome.
Slay the Masses
It is said that you often remember the first and last item on any list. They made a good choice with selecting the closer on this album with this one, as it is an eye-gouging song. Play this one as loud as the speakers will go while you’re driving a car and you’ll end up with the sirens and cherries behind you in just a few minutes.
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