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Sliver of A Sun

Review by Gary Hill

Definitely progressive rock in the '70's tradition, this album takes elements of many classic prog bands and combines them into a mix all their own. Among the bands who Izz seems to give a stylistic nod to are Yes, Genesis, UK, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and Renaissance. The band is Tom Gaglano, John Gaglano, Brian Coralian, Greg Dimicela and Philip Gaita.

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Track by Track Review
Endless Calling
Starting like hard edged and very quirky King Crimson, the bass is very strong. The cut takes on quirky textures, much like Pentwater, as the vocals enter. It alternates between harder edged fuller segments and segments that are more sparse. A melodic segment very much in the vein of Yes or Genesis appears a bit later. This track covers a lot of varied prog ground before its conclusion.
I Get Lost
Somewhat bouncy, this is intriguing progressive rock. It includes a very powerful prog jam that seems to start off in a Yes mode and quickly moves more into the styles of ELP. Later segments feature some unusual textures that are accompanied by guitar work that seems influenced by Steve Howe's most frantic and hardest work.
Acoustic based and somewhat playful, this is a prog ballad. It moves in very progish directions with strong vocal harmonies and instrumental interplay, all within the balladic format.
She Walked Out the Door
Starting with a classic rock sort of mode, the song pretty much stays true to that format. It includes some great vocal arrangements and a powerful melody all in a package that comes across as strong classic rock with progish elements.
A dramatically arranged prog texture begins this cut, which moves in a slow building mode. It takes on solid prog stylings including varying harder segments and definite progressive rock riffing. This one is quite in the mode of Renaissance or old Genesis. Some of the segments particularly hit that very dramatic style of the Genesis' catalog. The cut then shifts into high gear with a fast paced prog jam that calls to mind many bands including Yes, ELP, UK and King Crimson. This progressive jam is very powerful and a definite high point of the disc. The number stops at one point, then reinvents itself. This segment is '70's prog type music that is done very well. The composition moves back into verse related mode to finish it out.
Take It Higher
A bouncy sort of acoustic rock number, this one has a nice guitar solo. It contains some strong prog elements and a nice progressive rock jam in a mellow mode. This one gets a bit funky right at the end.
Double Bass
This prog instrumental starts with a bass oriented arrangement. The tune pushes forward at a fast pace, taking on Crimsonesque guitar tones. The jam includes Emersonian keyboards.
Just A Girl
Another bouncy cut, this one is not quite on the par of the rest of the disc. It is still a good pop/rock number and features an interesting guitar solo.
"Meteor" is bouncy prog that feels a bit like "The Knife" from Genesis at times. The cut changes gear to a pretty piano based melody. It then changes gear to strong ELP styled music. This is a very powerful piece.
Coming in on a crescendo, the song drops rapidly to a UK sort of texture. As it keeps progressing, it really starts to take on modes a bit like the more evocative Emerson, Lake and Palmer tracks. The lyrics to this one contain the album title. After a time, it starts to reinvent itself, incorporating Latin tones into its progressive rock structure. With all its varied textures, this is the strongest number on the CD. It just seems to keep changing styles as it moves along. Elements included on this track are Yesish modes, ELP oriented material, fusion and UKish tones.
Where I Belong
A pretty and lush ballad this is good progressive rock. It becomes very powerful slow tempoed prog later on. It drops into ambient textures that make up the last minutes of the piece.
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