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Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

Review by Patrick Hennen

As you all are quite aware by now, I'm sure, Iron Maiden are performing alongside of Black Sabbath at Ozzfest 2005. Iron Maiden has already reported that they will only be performing songs from the first 4 albums. So here is their 1st contribution, their self-titled masterpiece, Iron Maiden. This album came out at a time when punk rock was on a rise not only in America but in England as well. I found that this album was actually a breath of fresh air, with all the anarchy talk going around. This album features Paul Di'Anno on vocals and the only appearance of Dennis Stratton on guitar. This is a review of the original pressing, not the enhanced version that was released in 2002.

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Track by Track Review
A great opening tune, I love the whine of the guitar riff in the opening. This, musically, has a lot of the trademark guitar riffs in it that Iron Maiden is very well known for. Lyrically, the title describes it well. "Well, you see me crawling through the bushes." Hmmmmmmmmm, oh well, the song wasn't named "Good Prowler".
Remember Tomorrow
This was the "mellow" tune on the album. Soft, haunting rhythms and soft lyrics from Di'Anno make this an incredible track.
Running Free
This one has been a mainstay in Iron Maiden's sets for years. It's a true classic about teenage angst.
Phantom of the Opera
I can't say enough good things about this track, I love it! The opening rhythm reminds me of an angry bee, then it goes into an awesome mood swing in the middle of the song. This is one of my personal favorites.
This one is completely instrumental. The guitar harmony is right on and this is an incredible tune.
Strange World
This track could have easily have been called "Remember Tomorrow II". There is some very eerie guitar work on this song. Paul does an excellent job moving from heavy songs to softer ones.
Charlotte The Harlot
I have to admit this, I love Steve Harris' bass playing on this track. For him to play the exact same thing the two guitar players are playing but on a lower scale just sounds breathtaking. This is the song that inspired the track "22 Acacia Avenue" on The Number Of The Beast album.
Iron Maiden
OK, I've always thought that songs written with the band's name for the title were pretty lame. However, this track is quite impressive. Musically, lyrically and theatrically (if you've ever seen them live), this is a true classic.
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