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High on Fire

Blessed Black Wings

Review by Patrick Hennen

Welcome back headbangers, this disc is a treat for me to do. This is my pick for an up and coming band that is truly going to devastate the world of metal. The drums are like thunder on this album. The guitar work shreds and the vocals growl like the very pits have opened and your whole world is going to explode with the ferocity that is this CD. Whew, that came out of me? Sometimes the words just flow from places I've never even been to before. Watch for these guys, buy the disc, you'll see that it's worth every penny and then some.

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Track by Track Review
This opens with the drums fading in, I absolutely love this. This track was also their first video for this disc. The guitar is awesome, rhythm that reminds me of early Metallica. This song is relentless and will punish you from beginning to end. It's a great opener.
The Face of Oblivion
This track will have your head bouncing before the opening lyrics begin. It sounds a lot like Motorhead to me. It has the dirty rhythm sound that makes people move to it. The drums, again are incredible on this piece. The ending of this cut reminds me of an old Clint Eastwood western. The drums even sound like a horse riding in.
Brother In The Wind
This song drives forth an aggression that I have never felt before. And I love it! If you can't find yourself moving to this song, check your pulse rate, and seek help if you don't have one. The guitar solo just tears into your ears like a wild animal tearing into meat.
Cometh Down Hessian
I love the intro to this track, just guitar giving you a winding, climbing feeling. Then BAM! Everything breaks loose with a drum beat that will pound into your skull. This has another Motorhead familiarity to it. However, the intensity is so raw that you'll be listening to this hungering for more.
Blessed Black Wings
This gives you a middle eastern feel at the beginning. The drums sound nothing short of tribal. This title track has a power that will leave you melted to the spot you sit in. This one is worth the cost of the entire disc.
Anointing Of Seer
This cut is just plain nuclear devastation from the word go. This is an assault on the drums and cymbals. The guitar is truly fascinating on this track. The aggressive attack throughout this one will leave you breathless by the time it's done.
To Cross the Bridge
Another with a softer opening, this one has a more blues approach to the guitar with the occasional drum to add the exclamation point to it. This song does have an intense drive throughout the track. This drive explodes once the guitar solo begins, making this, in my opinion, to be a true masterpiece.
Silver Back
If you listen closely to the beginning of this track, you can hear the high hat cymbal starting to sound like a time bomb. And the explosion is massive in this number. This song was made for mosh pits, body surfing and all those wonderful activities that break bones and pulverize parts of your anatomy. This is incredible.
Sons of Thunder
After this full frontal mammoth assault, this track opens with a very light guitar piece, almost sounding religious in nature. Then the power hits like a bolt from the blue. The drums are very primitive sounding, as in a tribal nature. This is a song that you can get lost inside yourself with. Put the headphones on and see if you don't find yourself looking deep into your own self. It's a fantastic number to close with. This should be on everyone's shelf in the next year. Don't let it get by you!
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