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Tony Lowe

And Allison Fleming-All of the Above

Review by Lorraine Kay

This is an amazing concept CD. Each track composed and produced by Tony Lowe and Allison Fleming is influenced by the colors in the visible spectrum corresponding with a mood that it is experienced when listening to the songs, which move through different musical styles; including rock, pop, acoustic and orchestral. Featuring the vocals and musicianship of both Lowe and Fleming this is a unique journey through the spectrum of moods in music. Even though the listener cannot experience the colors and scents that the two mean to offer in a live performance of the CD, each song was written with those concepts in mind. “Most people are aware of the influence of color on our moods and emotions, the subjective power of a particular image, and the manner in which music can move us deeply,” says Lowe. “Combining these with a sense of smell produces a powerful sensory experience. Those that experience this unique event will never again see our world in quite the same way.”

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Track by Track Review
Fires Keep Burning
Starting at the red end of the spectrum this song is full of anger and danger. A kind of Pink Floyd influence is here, and Lowe’s vocals are dark and mysterious. Further into the song Fleming picks up the vocals bringing a Tango in the Night era ala Fleetwood Mac feel to the track. Probably the best song on the CD, Neil Young has used this one on his web site.
Spirit of The Physical
With Fleming out front on the vocals this time around, this starts with some exciting driving congas and drums before Fleming jumps in with some whispery vocals and strings over some equally driving drums. This upbeat song is so full of so many changes and textures it is hard to put a label on it. It builds with lots of instrumentation and then backs off with more simple textures provided by Lowe throughout.
A New Tomorrow
Lowe is back on the vocals on this song. This is somewhat acoustic in comparison to the full orchestration of the previous tracks with an excellent acoustic guitar solo.
I See Light
This one starts with an explosion of synths and then softens to support Fleming’s Kate Bush-ish vocals. The song starts out very dark but comes alive during the chorus with drums and a very rock and roll guitar solo and soprano vocals.
If I Felt That Way
A sexy kind of gyrating beat drives this one with Fleming out front on the vocals again. Lowe’s guitar solo is equally as sexy and provocative.
Fleming sings this one that has some dark jazz qualities to it. It lightens up soon with some interesting Kate Bush qualities to the vocals.
Silver Thread
This whimsical tune starts out with some playful flutes before letting Fleming come in on the vocals, which start out somewhat childlike.
Green Fingers
Lowe is back with some soft vocals and an acoustic piano for the first verse complete with soft instrumentation by Lowe. The instrumentation is multi-layered and full of surprises. Fleming joins Lowe on vocals as the song builds to an all out rock and roll ending.
Find The Cause
Lowe is out front on this one with the vocals and piano again. Another ballad, Fleming joins on the vocals on the second verse. The simple treatment of this song with just piano and strings suddenly drops into overdrive as the electric guitar, bass and drums find their way into the composition.
Blue Like The Sky
A slight electric piano supports Lowe’s vocals until the drums and bass join. Then the whispery vocals of Fleming take over on this soft rock tune.
Indigo Moon
Darkening up again, Lowe takes over the vocals again, stirring up echoes of Pink Floyd in this one.
My Star And I
This soft ballad is sung by Fleming in a whispery soprano on top of piano and guitar and a lot of strings.
Unselfish Love
A flute starts this one softly before exploding with sound. Fleming is singing above a rocking drumbeat and pounding bass and funky guitar.
Straight To The Heart
This ballad also starts out softly with strings and Fleming taking control of the vocals.
Love Is Here To Stay
With piano out front Lowe picks up the vocals here singing about love.
I Believe In Everything
Closing with an up-tempo song seems appropriate after a number of softer ballads. Lowe has the lead vocals and there are background ones by Fleming on the big finish.
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