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Doom Of Destiny

Review by Greg Olma

This is my first exposure to Axxis but with a little research, I found out that they have been around since 1989.  They have a dozen albums already yet it seems I have been in the dark this whole time.  I wish I had followed their career because while not neccessarily unique (although for all I know they could have started this sound), they are definitely worth the addition to my collection.  They have a Euro power metal sound with a symphonic twist.  Musically, all the guys are good musicians with no one overshadowing anyone else in the band.  I am definitely going to check out their older releases based on how good Doom Of Destiny is.  I can't imagine being disappointed by any of their material.

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Track by Track Review
Voices Of Destiny
The CD opens with this short symphonic intro.
Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)
As the title would suggest, this tune has a little middle eastern flavor to it.  There is some power metal drumming here and there but this is basically symphonic metal.
Better Fate
Things get a little heavier here.  There is a female vocal that really fits nicely with the main singing.  It reminds me of the new Primal Fear CD.
Blood Angel
This song is very similar to the previous track but still retains a bit of originality.  It also contains a catchy chorus that will have you humming along in no time.
I Hear You Cry
I think this is supposed to be the ballad but it still rocks harder than your usual "power ballad."  The female vocals reappear and match nicely with Bernhard Weib's.  There is also a really nice guitar solo on this piece.
The Fire Still Burns
OK, now we get the power ballad.  It is piano based and although it is well played, I don't really like these types of songs.
Father, Father
A really nice piano intro starts this fast power metal tune.  Fans of this type of music will eat up this cut.  It is fast but it still keeps a great melody throughout.
Keyboards start off this piece that is really odd.  It has a Scorpions feel until the chorus which is pure power metal.  I really like this because it shows that they are able to take influences and make then their own.
She Got Nine Lives
We get that Scorpions vibe again.  The whole track has a very Euro sound to it and those of you who listen to a lot of metal will know what I mean.  Like the previous track, this one is a winner too.
Devilish Belle
Axxis come back to their main sound with this melodic metal track.  This is a really good tune and I'm surprised it is so far in the track order.  Normally, cuts this good wind up earlier on the CD.
Even though this song is pure power metal, it has an epic feel about it that is perfect for closing the CD.  The whole album is top notch and they end it on this high note.
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