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The Revenge

Review by Greg Olma

This 2nd collaboration between Russell Allen (Symphony X) and Jorn Lande (Masterplan) is one of the best releases I have gotten my hands on in I don't know how long. Both guys are great singers but it's the material that is what is really impressive here.  Each track is a melodic metal winner.  It's not often you get a solid disc (especially now that everyone is trying to put as much material on the CD as possible) but from start to finish, this is one of the classiest, melodic rock albums in the last five years.

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Track by Track Review
The Revenge
This CD p[ens up with a nice keyboard heavy tune that has a great late 80's vibe.  Obviously the vocals are spot on with Allen and Lande trading off.
Although this cut starts similarly to the first tune, it gets heavier during the verses.  This one is dominated by Allen's vocals.
This song has a very uplifting feel to it; probably due to the lyrics.  Musically, it is another slab of melodic metal with Allen and Lande trading off vocals. 
Master Of Sorrow
Jorn takes over this piano ballad that is not wimpy at all.  This is how softer pieces should be written.  Even though it is slower and softer, it still has power.
Will You Follow
Here we get a faster rocker that has a bit of that 80's sound.  Allen's vocals are really good on this one.
Just A Dream
A mellow guitar intro starts off this melodic yet heavy tune.  Allen and Lande trade off vocals yet it flows so well that you don't really realize it is two different singers.
Her Spell
Lande dominates this catchy little metal tune.  If you like your metal without frills with just good vocals and melodic riffs, then this song is for you.
Gone Too Far
Even though this cut has all the elements of a power ballad, it is still a great tune.  The chorus really rocks out and the guitar solo fits the song perfectly.
Wake Up Call
This track has a little bit of melodic power metal thrown in.  It reminds me of the band Conception.  Both vocalists put in spotless performances that proves they are worthy of their reputations.
Under The Waves
A piano intro slowly builds into a nice melodic rocker that Lande's vocals dominate.  It is really catchy and melodic but they keep things heavy here and there to make sure you are reminded that this is a metal album.
Who Can You Trust
This tune has a very epic feel with both guys putting in great vocal performances.  In my humble opinion (naturally), this is one of the stand out tracks on The Revenge.
When Time Doesn't Heal
Just like "Master Of Sorrow," this is a ballad that retains a heaviness that makes it not a "power ballad."  I would not have ended the CD on this cut but it is a great tune none the less.
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