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Chasing Shadows

Review by Greg Olma

Here is another project that I have not really explored yet they always included singers that I like. From what I gather, this is the brain child of Rolf Munkes.  Apparently this is the 4th release but it is the first to feature Doogie White.  I have liked everything he has sung on and this is no exception.  The disc as a whole is melodic metal in the Dio (80's Dio at that) mold with some Rainbow thrown in for good measure.  Fans of those 2 bands should definitely pick up this disc.  Although it is not innovative, you just can't beat this type of solid metal.

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Track by Track Review
Chasing Shadows
This tune has a bit of Yngwie Malmsteen in it but it quickly moves into a nice melodic metal  number.  White puts in a good vocal performance especially during the chorus.
The Alter
Here is a Rainbow-ish track that has a nice galloping rhythm going throughout.  During the chorus it slips a little into that faster Euro power metal.
Mother Father Holy Ghost
We have a winner.  Everything here is top notch.  White's vocals are passionate (and a bit heavy) and the music moves from heavy to soft but always retains that underlying melody.  On top of that, Munkes puts in a great guitar solo.
Sail Away
This cut has an 80's metal vibe to it but it really doesn't stand out as one of the better tracks on offer here.
Child Of The Night
Dio is the name of the game here.  This one could have easily been on any of the 80's Dio records.  That doesn't mean that it is a bad tune.  On the contrary, it is quite good.  It has that classic Dio sound which is coming back in favor now.
Tahigwan Nights
Here is a fast rocker that comes and goes before you know it.  It is the shortest tune on the CD, clocking in just under 4 minutes, and although it's not bad, it really doesn't seem to stay long enough to make an impact.
Manic Messiah
Now this is more like it.  This piece has an epic feel that really makes it stand out above the other tunes.  This is where the band as a whole really shines.
Angel And The Gambler
It's another winner!  Although this cut doesn't have the epic feel of the previous song, it has a great melodic rock groove that makes you want to hear it over and over again.  This is excellent summer cruising music.
A Story Told
This ballad is a little too power ballady for my tastes but the chorus is really good.  I just wish it had less of that ballad type of sound.
The Rulers Of The World
The CD ends on what these guys do best; epic metal.  Like "Manic Messiah,"  it has that epic sound that is perfect for ending an album on.  This is a nice short record (48 minutes) and songs like this make you want to start the whole thing over again.
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