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Josh Fix

Free At Last

Review by Gary Hill

On the one hand this is some killer pop rock. On the other hand it’s progressive rock in the same way that Queen was progressive rock. In fact, some of the music here sounds so much like Queen (particularly the vocals) that you’ll feel like Freddy Mercury’s death might have been a hoax. Whether you call this progressive rock with pop tendencies or killer pop, check it out. It’s a great CD and well worth the investment.

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Track by Track Review
Don't Call Me In The Morning
Keyboards and drums start this. The percussion feels like Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen.” This gives way to a powerhouse jam of varying keyboard elements and then it drops way back down for a verse. The chorus on this (as does a lot of the tune) reminds me of a cross between Jellyfish and Queen.

This has more of a funky, retro pop rock texture. There isn’t a lot of prog in the midst of this, but if you look hard enough, some (the cool keyboards and Queen-like vocal arrangement) will present themselves.
Free At Last
Here it’s turned a little more contemplative. Still, this music is powerful. I hear Queen on this, but also Pink Floyd. They even throw a jazz segment into the midst here. There are some intricate pieces of instrumental work on this.

Whiskey & Speed
Keys lead us in and when other elements join, this is so much like Queen that it’s scary. Much of this six minute plus number is very similar to Mercury and company, but we get a Wakeman-like keyboard solo. The guitar solo on this is also quite tasty. A very Brian May like guitar segment ends this.

Rock And Roll Slut
Gentle and fun, this is another that’s got a lot of Queen in the mix.
Burn It Down
This is a mellow and bouncy balladic cut that really doesn’t have a lot of prog (or for that matter a lot of Queen) in it. It’s a catchy track that’s cool. It earns a lot of points for the powered up arrangement.

Tiger on A Treadmill
In many ways the mix of sounds from the first track is also responsible for this one. It’s got some cool twists and turns and this is an intriguing piece of music. There is a tasty crunch guitar segment later.
The Water In My Brain
This is definitely the most fully prog rock piece on the disc. It’s symphonic and powerful with multiple layers of sound and varying movements creating one heck of a powerful piece of music.
Bad With The Superbad
Here we get another that calls to mind Queen quite a bit. It’s a hard rocking piece of music that still has plenty of prog rock amongst the classic rock textures.
Rolled In From the South
An acoustic guitar pop rock motif makes up the main form of this track, but more progressive rock music is laid over the top here and there in the course of this. The instrumental segment at the end of this in particular is very much progressive rock.
What's The Point
More of a ballad, this takes on Queen elements later in the piece. The instrumental segments on this are potent and quite jazz like at times.
I Thought About It First
Bouncy and entertaining, this never the less has a lot of progressive rock in the arrangement.
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