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The Blue Room

Review by Brian Angotti

The Blue Room, the follow up album from Union, is an exceptional piece of work. This album shows the growth and maturity in the band, both musically and lyrically. The most impressive element of The Blue Room is the lyrics. They are poured from the heart and share the views of today. Musically Union has grown as a whole, providing us with a variety of styles from the last thirty years. Another interesting effect that The Blue Room features is the layering of the guitars, a technique that hasn't been done in awhile. This has lead to something fresh and different.

John Corabi (Vocals and Guitars), Bruce Kulick (Guitars and Vocals), Jamie Hunting (Bass), and Brent Fitz (Drums) are gearing up for a tour this summer which is sure to impress the masses. The Blue Room, the best Union record to date, offers catchy songs and proves that when Union writes and records an album, they mean business. So buy the album you'll be overly impressed. Even if you're not a fan of Kiss or Crue, Union is a step above both! rey is joined on this disc by Bob Muller and Tony Gabelle.

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Track by Track Review
Do Your Own Thing
"Do Your Own Thing" is a catchy up-temp rocker flavored with a classic glam feel. This is also the first video and single and should do very well on radio.
This one has funky guitar hooks and melodic vocals. It also features interesting lyrics mixed with the music. The combination creates weird vibes throughout this rockin track.
Everything's Alright
"Everything's Alright" is reminiscent of Cheap Trick and closely resembles "Tangerine" off the first Union album. This track makes you want to close your eyes and dream. The music and vocals flow together very nicely, creating a psychedelic feel.
One of the most favorable of all the tracks on The Blue Room, this one features very well written lyrics. The song makes you think twice about society today and makes you realize things just don't get better on their own.
Who Do You Think You Are
A heavy rocker with John's signature raspy vocals, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album and would likely do well at radio despite some of the vulgar language.
Do You Know My Name
This one is a groove-laden track. It features some excellent guitar work and a catchy chorus.
The concept of "Hypnotized" is close to "Fallen Angel" by Poison. This track is not to be confused with "Hypnotized" which is on the re-issue of Motley Crue's self-titled album.
I Wanna Be
This starts off slow, showing off John's vocal talent and kicks into a rocker. As with most Union songs, "I Wanna Be" tells a story and proves that Union isn't just another band but these guys are musicians.
No More
If you're not impressed by the time you get this track, you must be dead! This is another track that slams punches at societies' face. This is the album closer, and I think Union saved the best for last.
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