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Jeff Scott Soto

Lost In The Translation

Review by Greg Olma

I have always thought that it was a crime that Jeff Scott Soto is not mentioned in the same breath as David Coverdale, Robert Plant, and all of the other greats. Jeff is someone who could sing the phone book and it would sound great. He, like Glenn Hughes (who also doesn't get the credit he deserves) is not stuck in one style. Jeff can handle funk just as well as a ballad, and then go to a full out rocker. This release sticks more to the rock side of things. There is less experimentation with other styles, which leaves the listener with a more consistent effort. The musicians on this project are top notch but lets face it, it's a Jeff Scott Soto solo release, not Talisman or Soul SirkUS. The main focal point of this release is Jeff and his vocal abilities carry it without a hitch.

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Track by Track Review
Believe In Me
The opener sounds like a Journey song. I shouldn't be surprised since Neal Schon helped write it. This could have easily been on Journey's Escape.
Soul Divine
This is a good straight-ahead rocker. There is some nice guitar work that pulls this one out of the ordinary and it does contain one of the catchier choruses on this release.
This would have made a great opener except for the lightweight chorus. Not that the chorus is bad, it's just not for an opener. It's fast paced and really quite catchy.
If This Is The End
Break out the lighters and sway with your girlfriend. This is the first of a few ballads and it goes that extra bit to be the proverbial power ballad. If this was the 80's, this would be on the radio for sure. This is the kind of song that interested girls in heavy metal bands.
Lost In The Translation
Title songs are a tricky thing. They have to be good because you named your album after them. Well, this one doesn't disappoint. It's a great rocking song that would have seamlessly fit onto the Soul SirkUS album.
Doin' Time:
Another Soul SirkUS type number. The chorus is really catchy so beware. You'll be humming this one for a while. The song really sneaks up on you. This track is one of the many high points on this album.
High Time
Just as I was praising the previous tune, this one falls into the ordinary bin. It has a catchy chorus but that isn't enough to help it.
Beginning 2 End:
This cut is another ballad that begins with some nice piano. It is the kind of song Jeff can sing in his sleep.
On My Own
The most "modern" sounding song on this album, tt starts off with a fuzzy guitar sound that expands into a really good rocker. This is another high point on the disc
Find Our Way
This track is also a gem. It contains one of those grooves that Jeff is able to wrap his vocals around and make it flow. This is the way melodic rock should sound.
Sacred Eyes
I would not have ended the CD with this one, but it is a really cool acoustic style ballad.
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