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Ted Nugent

Little Miss Dangerous

Review by Gary Hill

Ted Nugent really shines when he does what he does best – straight ahead hard rock. This disc really wanders pretty far from that format in a lot of places. It seems to try pretty hard to fit into the 1980’s sound. The success of the tracks here are in a reverse relationship to how closely tied they are to that sort of genre. Those tracks seem trite and dated while the more purely Nuge numbers still rock. The end result is a mixed bag of strong cuts alternating with weaker ones. For my money the album opens with two of the worst – and that hurts it. Still, even mediocre Nugent is pretty darned good.

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Track by Track Review
High Heels in Motion
This is a hard rocker, but rather generic. What the heck? Are those keyboards on the chorus? Yep. Overall it’s a rather cliched sound – and definitely feels dates at this point. The Nuge should stick with what he does best. Still, it’s a good tune, just not anything extremely special.
Less ‘80’s in terms of the arrangement, this is still pretty generic. It’s got a more stripped down setting, which helps it to work better. There’s a tasty guitar solo on this.
Little Miss Dangerous
With a funky bass line and Nugent handling the vocals, this is more like it. I like this track a lot. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the strongest cuts on show here.
Savage Dancer
A real screamer, this one does have a bit of a dated nature, but nowhere near the level as the first couple cuts. It’s another strong tune. 
Crazy Ladies
Nugent is back handling the vocals here and this is a powerhouse and another highlight of the CD. In fact, I’d say I like this even better than the title track. 
When Your Body Talks
We’re back into more generic territory here with this very ‘80’s sounding number. And those keyboards are back. 
Little Red Book
This is really a study in contrasts. Part of this are bouncy electronica – yes, you heard me right. Still, there’s a cool hard-edged riff to it and the song is fun.
Take Me Away
Now here we get another smoking rocker. This is definitely back into the “strong” territory.
Angry Young Man
While there are definitely some ‘80’s cliches here, this is a potent rocker nonetheless. In fact, if it weren’t for the cheesy keys this would be a great tune.
OK, this is not a cover of the Judas Priest song. That said, it’s one of the stronger cuts here. It’s a rather stripped down and bluesy rocker. There is some definite heavy metal in the mix here, too.
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