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The Singles

Review by Gary Hill

I really had never heard these guys before – although I’ve heard of them for a while. This disc of “singles” is a good place to start. I find that at times the music here is a bit generic, but most of the time the band is really firing on all cylinders and this thing rocks out. There is only one cut I’d consider a loser and plenty of winners. If you like melodic metal that can be both thought provoking and funny, this is for you. If you get offended by swearing, it probably isn’t. Personally I’m looking forward to checking out more of Edguy’s catalog.

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Track by Track Review
I’m not overly blown away by the intro or verse on this track, but the chorus is extremely catchy and powerful. There’s a bit of Dio in the mix, but also plenty of Eurometal.
Spooks In The Attic
This one screams in with a hard edged jam that at first feels a bit like Iron Maiden. When keys enter it brings a more pop sort of sound, but yet there is still quite a bit of Maiden in this number throughout.
Blessing In Disguise
A powered up ballad, this is a cool, tune. It’s got a lot of power and seems to be sort of “thinking man’s rock.”
Judas At The Opera
They give us some serious Eurometal here, but that’s not all of it. We also get some Iron Maiden, but the biggest surprise is the wall of vocals segment later in the track that feels a lot like Queen. This is an incredibly cool song and one of my favorites on show here. They also include a full on symphonic section. 
The Spirit
Another highlight, a big chunk of this is in the form of a cool ballad, but they power it out into some dynamic and powerful music. It’s got just a hint of a Latin or Celtic sound here and there and is focused pretty heavily on acoustic instrumentation – yet it really rocks out, too. I’m particularly fond of the classic rock tinged guitar solo on this cut. 
Superheroes (Epic Version)
As you might guess this is an alternate take on the track that opened the disc. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would say that this pretty piano and string based balladic approach is over the top. I can see that. The thing is, I think it works really well. Yes, it’s cliched and a bit overdone, but it’s also a very powerful cut and much stronger than the original version. 
Lavatory Love Machine
In case the last cut left you wondering if Edguy is a metal band or not, this one should answer it for you. It’s a real screamer – one of the most pure metal cuts on show here. There’s even a little punk rock in the mix. This is lyrically a celebration of the act of joining the mile high club. Needless to say those lyrics are a bit raunchy. 
Lavatory Love Machine (Acoustic Version)
Guess what this is. Yep, an acoustic version of the track that preceded it. I might almost like it better this way. It’s no less powerful and energized – just doesn’t have the crunch.  
I'll Cry For You
If there’s a song to skip this is it. It’s a trite love ballad that feels almost like the most cheesy of REO Speedwagon’s love songs. In fact, I’d say that this has less charm than that stuff. Avoid this one like the plague. 
King Of Fools
Talk about redeeming themselves, this screamer is probably the best cut on show here. It’s catchy and very triumphant in nature. Yet it’s still very metallic and crunchy. I like this one a lot. 
New Age Messiah
The Christians probably have a field day with this. The expletive laden section that mentions Jesus will be sure to get the disc banned and burned in churches all over the world by itself.  For the rest of us it’s a killer metal jam that’s catchy and quite a bit like something from Helloween. 
The Savage Union
Take early Iron Maiden and add in some Helloween and you’ll have a good idea of what this smoking track sounds like. It’s another winner in a series of them. 
Holy Water
Parts of this are generic and a little lame, but on the other hand when it powers up with epic majesty and a power you can’t beat it. Overall I like this a lot. It gets incredibly involved with symphonic arrangements before ending.
Life And Times Of A Bonus Track
Now, this is funny. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually a decent piano based ballad, but it’s lyrically hilarious. Of course, I should mention that since MSJ tries to maintain a “family safe” mode, I can’t print more than a word or two of the main chorus here. That says a lot. I really like this cut a lot, though – and that also says a lot. It definitely pokes fun at the whole “bonus track” phenomenon that seems rampant and very silly.
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