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Louie Zagoras

Twenty Fingers

Review by Gary Hill

There’s a lot of good music on this, but it’s really all over the map musically. Variety is a good thing, but if you wander to far it seems like you don’t have direction. This disc falls prey to that a little. Perhaps a little refinement and focus would have taken this from the category of good to exceptional.

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Track by Track Review
I dig the blues guitar that starts this. The vocals come in with a bit of an alternative rock vibe, but musically there is a definite blues rock vibe to this cut in a lot of ways. While this song is pleasant enough, it's really the slide guitar that sells it more than anything else.
Twenty Fingers

This screams in with a hard edged electric blues sound. It’s a real powerhouse that calls to mind ZZ Top, B. B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughn all at once. The extensive guitar solo also makes me think of Jimi Hendrix.

Waiting For The Sun

No, this is not a cover of the song from The Doors. Instead it’s a great singer songwriter kind of track. There are hints of The Stones on this, along with Dylan. This has some exceptionally tasty guitar work. It turns a bit harder rocking later.


This is a tasty singer songwriter number focused on acoustic guitar. It’s intricate and pretty and yet still rocks.

Last Time Troubles Gonna Stay

There’s a lot of acoustic blues on this number. I can also hear hints of The Beatles at times, though – and some Allman Brothers. Those things are mixed in with some Robert Johnson and we get some harmonica, too.

Never Sounded Better

Another mellow singer songwriter type piece, this is good, but not all that distinctive.

New Day

Now this is cool. It’s very psychedelic and has a lot of The Beatles in it, but there’s also a good deal of progressive rock on this.

Kissing The World Goodbye

Here’s an acoustic song that’s good – just not all that special. It is very cheery considering the gloomy lyrics.

Coming Home

This is a screaming rocker. It’s the most furious track on show and it’s a real highlight of the disc.

Lost In Love

Another mellow ballad, this has a lot of Dylan in it. There’s also some country in the midst of this.

Here We Go Again

An acoustic guitar and a voice – that’s the makeup of this balladic number. It’s very folky.

Spanish Castle Magic

Jimi Hendrix is in the house on this scorching piece. I can hear some Cream here, too.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
The ghost of Jimi Hendrix seriously lives on this cover. It’s like Hendrix’ take on the “Star Spangled Banner.”
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