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Papa Roach


Review by Gary Hill

It would be pretty easy to dismiss Papa Roach just based on the fact that they come from the same sort of school of nu-metal and alternative rock that a lot of really lame acts hail out of. The truth is - these guys are quite a good band. The disc they’ve given us here is strong and there’s only one track I find at all lacking – and that’s just because it’s too much set in a mainstream fashion. If you’ve never gotten into Papa Roach, give them a try. They are quite good. If you are a fan then I’m probably preaching to the choir because the disc is likely in your player now.

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Track by Track Review
Days Of War
Feedback with a growing percussive element leads things out here. The cut grows outward from there. This is an instrumental introductory piece that brings the album in with style. It's less than a minute and a half long.
Change Or Die
Quite mean and furious, this kind of reminds me of WASP meets more modern alternametal. It’s a smoking tune that also makes me think of Motley Crue a bit.
Hollywood Wh***
This opens with a raw lyrical movement that’s got a lot of modern alternative rock along with nu-metal. When they shift it out into the song proper it’s catchy and still meaty, but I have to say the lyrics will turn a lot of people away. Of course, they don’t hide that fact considering the title. 
I Almost Told You That I Loved You
The killer grind that drives this is intense and very catchy. The lyrics are quite raunchy, though. 
This is far less raw and very catchy. There’s a little bit of an emo feeling to it, but it’s still modern metal more than anything else. The sounds of a war end this. 
Had Enough
If there’s a song here I’m not really taken with, this is probably it. It’s just too much of an alternative rocker. It feels like it could have been from any number of nameless faceless bands. It’s alright, but just too generic.
Live This Down
Angry, both in terms of lyrics and music, this is more like it. It’s a real powerhouse and one of the highlights of the disc. The lyrics have some explicit moments that should be mentioned, though. 
March Out Of The Darkness
This is definitely a hit song type of piece. It’s accessible and very much in keeping with a lot of the stuff that’s place on the radio today. The thing is, it works. In fact, I’d chalk this one up as a highlight of the set.
Into The Light
The early parts of this remind me a lot of the Dead Boys. It moves out to something closer to the rest of the disc, but either way, this is a killer cut that works really well.  It’s another highlight of the set as far as I’m concerned.
Carry Me
Another that’s more of a mainstream modern hard rocker, somehow this manages to stand out, too. It’s got a tinge of psychedelic rock at times for good measure and a very catchy chorus. 
Nights Of Love
A mellower, more stripped down piece, this is less about pop and mainstream mentality, though. It’s another of the standouts here.
State Of Emergency
I can hear both some vintage Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith at points here, but overall this is in keeping with the rest of the disc. It’s a good tune, but I think that perhaps the last one would have made for a stronger closer.
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