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The Funky Knights

The Funky Knights

Review by Gary Hill

This disc is a cool one. It’s got a very retro funk sort of texture to it. The bass player on this is Randy Pratt (formerly of the Lizards and Star People). There’s nothing earth shattering here, but if you like killer funk with lyrics that have the humorous sleaze of Frank Zappa (some of the music calls to mind Zappa a bit, too), then you should like this.

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Track by Track Review
Days of the Knights

A killer funk groove makes up this number. It’s very old school and quite tasty.

Hound Dog
There’s more blues built into this number. Somehow it reminds me a bit of Bootsy Collins. It’s another strong tune.
Can't Afford It
The bass and keys provide a rubbery, funky sound that’s just plain cool. The horn section adds a lot to the arrangement, too. There’s a rap mid track. 
Passing Parade
A much more stripped down tune, this is less funky (although there is still some funk on board) and far more pure blues. It’s a great tune.

Money Talks
The funk comes back with a vengeance. This feels like it would have been right at home in the 1970’s. The lyrics contain a bit of parental advisory in that they include the old saying, “Money talks and______ walks” as the chorus. There’s a killer retro keyboard section. There is a section here that sort of reminds me of something from Frank Zappa. 
Movin' On Blues
An old school rock and roll sound pervades this one. It reminds me a bit of The Grateful Dead, really. 
Wrap The Phone
Now, here’s another that makes me think of Frank Zappa. The vocals are split between a fast paced female rant and a spoken male half of a conversation. 
All Night Long
More old school funk, this has a killer guitar solo in it. 
Don't Ask Why
A mellow cut, this is essentially a progressive rock ballad. It’s a nice change of pace. 
Do It Right
A sultry, funky number, this one is tasty.

Eye On You
There is definitely a parental warning on the lyrical content of this song. It’s a slow grind with mostly spoken vocals. It’s a cool tune with an especially tasty guitar solo.         
Although overall, there aren’t any huge stylistic changes, the rubbery groove of this funky cut is quite cool. There are a few little twists here and there, too. It’s another strong one. The horn section is especially effective. 
Love Harmony
A slower cut, they haven’t changed the basic premise here, but this is strong nonetheless.
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