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Fleetwood Mac

Greatest Hits

Review by Gary Hill

Fleetwood Mac was one of those bands that really epitomized the 1970’s rock sound. It would be easy to write them off as trite or too pop, but the truth is, they were a great band. Sure, they did some stuff that was predictable, but they also did some music that was creative, too. This greatest hits set is an excellent start to a Fleetwood Mac collection.

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Track by Track Review

 What are the odds you haven’t heard this song? Slim, I’d say. This cut has some of that old school Fleetwood Mac blues sound to it, but it’s also quintessential 1970’s Mac attack. This is a killer cut that has great rock sound that just screams “1970s!” without seeming dated.

Don't Stop
It’s Bill Clinton’s campaign song! This is another that seems pretty much a certain that anyone reading this has heard it. It’s a bouncy little rocker.
Go Your Own Way
Here’s another that’s been a big part of modern culture. I like this cut a lot, too. Of course, there’s probably a reason it was a hit, right?
Hold Me
This one is more pure pop and not as strong as the songs that preceded it. It’s still got its moments, though.
Here’s another that’s even more pure pop. Still, Fleetwood Mac can manage to pull it off with style and this borders on progressive rock at times.
This cut feels more like a Stevie Nicks solo song. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s mellower, but also quite tasty.
You Make Loving Fun
There’s such a cool rubbery element to this piece. The soaring vocal arrangement is great, too. This is another that’s pretty widespread in terms of people having heard it. It’s still a great piece of music. I love the guitar sound on the number.
As Long As You Follow
A mellow, balladic piece, this is pretty. It’s not really all that pop oriented, in my mind, but more like a soft rock cut with bits of progressive rock in the arrangement. There’s also a cool jazzy guitar solo.
Here’s another of the big hit Fleetwood Mac songs. Somehow this track just seems to really excel. I love the vocal arrangement and the way the music is actually “dreamy.” I love the guitar work in the backdrop. It’s just an excellent song that still holds up.
Say You Love Me
This little pop ditty doesn’t work as well for me as some of the other stuff does. Still, the bridge, with the George Harrison-like guitar element is a nice touch.
I’ve always liked this track. It’s unusual. It doesn’t seem like it should be a hit. In a lot of ways it reminds me of the Peter Green era of the band with more moody music like “The Green Manalishi.” It’s definitely heavily percussion driven and there’s a killer bass line. This is just plain class. The marching band segment at the end is also unusual.
Little Lies
A more purely pop oriented piece, this is tasty, but not as good as some of the other stuff here.
This is another that feels a lot like it could have been a Stevie Nicks solo song. It’s a good balladic piece. It’s pretty and tasty.
Big Love
While this rocker was a hit, it’s also got a lot of style to it. It’s rather prog-like in some ways and features some killer performances by various members of the group. The “uh” little bits of vocal, though, while cool, seem a little forced and fake.
Over My Head
A retro tinged jam, this folky rocker is quite cool. It was another hit, and it’s also deserving of such.
No Questions Asked
Here’s another solid tune. It’s a tasty rocker that borders on progressive rock.
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