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Acid Drinkers

Fish Dick Zwei – The Dick Is Rising Again

Review by Gary Hill
Acid Drinkers is apparently a popular band in their native Poland, although this is the first I’ve heard of them. This is also, apparently, their second album of covers/reinterpretations. They choose from a wide range of material and most often deliver ultra-heavy and raw jams that are quite cool. Interestingly enough, the two most obvious choices, Slayer and Metallica, both get very strange twists. It shows that this band is both talented and creative. It also shows that they have a healthy sense of humor.

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Track by Track Review
Ring Of Fire

There is a short spoken introduction (not in English – most likely Polish), then they fire out into this Johnny Cash cover. It’s extremely heavy and quite fast. It’s a real screamer and a great way to start things off in style.

Hit The Road Jack
Wow! This is an awesome fuzz-fest take on this classic old school bluesy rocker.
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
Iron Maiden is in the spotlight this time around. It shows that they can do melodic, but this is just a short instrumental.
Love Shack
A heavy duty metallic take on this B52s song, this is amazing. I love it! They really manage to capture a lot of the original here, but yet this thing really smokes in heavy ways the original band could never pull off.
New York, New York
The chairman of the board goes heavy duty. It starts fairly faithful, but fires out to some seriously heavy punk rock sort of aggressive music. I’m reminded of Sid Vicious’ “My Way,” but this is heavier and more involved.
Bring It On Home
Take the classic Led Zeppelin song, turn it heavier and add a bit of punk rock to the mix. Now, you’ve got a good idea of what this sounds like.
Hot Stuff

An ultra-heavy, ultra-aggressive number, amazingly enough, this was originally made famous by Donna Summer. Well, no one would confuse this with her. It’s a really potent song that in some ways seems like a more raw Black Sabbath.

Et si tu n'existais pas
Apparently this was from someone named “Joe Dassin.” I’ve never heard of him. They start this with a melodic mellow motif, and it feels a bit like some kind of Europop. It’s almost a minute and a half in before they turn it metallic. Even then, this is much less aggressive than the other material here, feeling more like symphonic epic metal. It definitely shows another side of the band.
2000 Man
Here they turn their attention to this psychedelic cut from The Rolling Stones. It was covered years ago by Kiss. In some ways this is similar to that take, but rawer and heavier.
Bad Reputation
OK, this is not, as I thought at first, the Joan Jett song. Instead, they turn their attention to Thin Lizzy and put in a pounding rendition of this classic. It turns more melodic for the guitar solo sections.
Seasons In The Abyss
Slayer is on the bill here. They start this out with a pounding slow metal approach. Then, as a complete surprise, it works out into a country jam that feels like something you might hear from Hayseed Dixie. I can’t imagine a funnier way for these guys to handle this. It shows that they are far from a one-trick pony.
Blood Sugar Sex Magic
There’s a bit of a funky edge on this cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers piece, but this is very raw and heavy. It’s also quite cool.
Nothing Else Matters
After the crazy twist on Slayer, the questions immediately pop up as to how they will handle this Metallica tune. They start it playing an acoustic intro pretty true to form. Then they twist it to a jazz meets polka and klezmer kind of arrangement. Well, this time I was expecting the twist, but it’s still pretty funny. They do power this out to pure metal for the chorus, though. The guitar solo section is also in a metal motif and a real screamer.
Detroit Rock City
I’ve always thought that the guitar solo on this Kiss song was arguably the coolest one from anyone. For that reason I was looking forward to what these guys would do with this. Well, their version is just a little less than a minute long. It just includes that guitar solo and the chorus.
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