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Charles Walker

Soul Stirring Thing

Review by Gary Hill
Charles Walker has given us a tasty CD that combines modern rock with classic blues, R & B and soul. It varies enough from track to track to keep it interesting. All the musical deliveries are tasty and a few songs really standout. All in all, this is a great release.

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Track by Track Review
Soul Stirring Thing

There’s a definite modern rock sound to this soulful tune. It’s a great combination of rock, blues and soul. Comparisons to Robert Cray would be warranted.

There Is Nothing I Can Do
The motif here is more retro. It’s a slower, bluesy groove that is quite tasty.
That's A Lie
A little gospel is on the menu here. The guitar solo is all smoking hot blues rock, though. This is one that feels a bit like Robert Cray, but also a bit like Buddy Guy. It’s another tasty piece.
One Step Closer to the Blues
This is much more of an old school R & B kind of song, like an Otis Redding or something along those lines. The Robert Cray comparisons are still here, too, but to a lesser degree.
Magic Man
A killer guitar blues sound leads this cut off. It calls to mind B.B. King and Buddy Guy. It’s one of the cooler tracks on show and definitely displays a different kind of sound.
No More Tears For You
There is a definite classic rock element to this retro sounding bluesy number. It’s a slower piece and a very tasty one.
Third Time's A Charm
While there is still some blues built into this, it’s a got a definite Motown kind of texture. It’s a classic soulful tune with a lot of style.
The House that Love Lives In
Here’s a stirring blues jam that has a lot of that B.B. King meets Buddy Guy sort of sound. In some ways this reminds me of “The Thrill is Gone.” Considering that I think that song is the greatest song ever written, that says a lot. In fact, I’d consider this to be the strongest number on show here.
Tomorrow Night
There is still a lot of blues on this, but it’s more of a jazz kind of number. It’s fun and a lot more upbeat than the track that preceded it.
San Diego Serenade
A slower, rather balladic blues cut, this is cool, but not really up to the level of some of the other stuff here.
My Buddha
The mode that opens this calls to mind country music, but as it gets into the song proper it’s very much in a ZZ Top kind of groove. This is a tasty one.
Time To Kill
This is a very slow blues song about a troubled youth in the urban jungle. It’s tasty. The guitar solo on this is particularly meaty.
The Danger Zone
Slide guitar is the key element of this gritty blues song. It has a lot of ZZ Top built into it, too.
Giant Switches
Here’s a song about Big Brother checking up on us. It’s a slow, gritty slide guitar blues tune. It’s also quite tasty. Any blues song that mentions George Orwell is alright by me.
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