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Dino Valenti

Get Together

Review by Larry Toering

Well known Quicksilver Messenger Service leader Dino Valenti is gone but not forgotten in this collection of lost recordings that were found and it’s really a good thing they were. Recorded between 1964 and 1970, this is the real folk deal. Valenti wrote the Youngbloods’ classic “Get Together” and it appears here in a completely different, but splendid original form. There is so much going on here that it’s a soul moving experience. Valenti really had a gift.

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Track by Track Review
Get Together

This is not what one would expect right off the bat, but it quickly grows and Valenti is just beginning this fascinating collection of lost little gems. This is not anything like one would expect it to be. It’s a slow acoustic take, and it makes for an extraordinary version.

One Thousand Miles an Hour
The pace is definitely stepped up here, but he doesn't get too carried away. With a title like that, it has to be at least a little faster than the opener. Valenti explores the rhythm of his mind on this incredibly relaxing tune. By the time it’s over you do believe his lesson is learned.
Ain't That a Shame
This is a classic folk/blues power ballad, a totally amazing track. I've never heard anything quite like it. 'Deeper than sand...,' he sings like an angel!
Silver Dagger
A beautifully crafted love song, this is another chilling performance, no longer lost.
Strange World
Valenti's vocal tone changes up on this one, some congas are added to the picture and it's a nice effect. There is excellent acoustic guitar, as well. He is simply hypnotic and soothing - a soul healer.
I'll Try Something New
This is Valenti's take on Smokey Robinson's classic and it’s wildly refreshing and extremely mellow.
Star Rider
There is an overall innocent spookiness about Dino Valenti's performance on this whole collection, and it’s firmly established at this point, as he nails that to the brain.
Country Fair
This one is a little more musical and it’s very akin to Dylan, but then the influence is surely felt all over these songs. This is another track with an epic feel about it. It’s a very awe inspiring tune.
I love the country feel of this, such a soft but intense track - the brilliance continues.
Everybody Knows
Things slow back down on this colder, but no less bold, performance with another fine delivery.
Midnight Rider
The Allman Brothers are covered with respect in this great version. Still, Valenti manages to put his remarkable signature on it.
The Letter
This is another light hearted love tune but with a more tear jerking effect. We get an outstanding delivery once again - a truly amazing voice.
That's How It Goes
This one is a cool tune about getting by, “I wanna live until I die / fly like a bird in the sky,” the lyrics rhyme so well.
To The End of the World
It’s hard to believe this is over, and he doesn't let up on the closer of this huge eye opener of compelling and heart-gripping tunes.
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