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Various Artists

Triple Threat of Terror

Review by Gary Hill

Terror rock is cool genre. You can’t take it too seriously because it’s meant to be fun. It’s like a tongue in cheek horror movie done as music. Generally the modes of the sound consist of rockabilly, punk and other elements. This set includes songs by three terror rock acts and it’s just plain cool. Each band has a unique sound and some songs are stronger than others. If you are looking for tracks for a Halloween party or just something different to listen to, this just might be for you.

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Track by Track Review
Creepersin - When She Sees Me, She Screams

A cool rockabilly meets hard-edged rock sound starts this. There’s a bit of a staccato section that makes me think of modern Rush a bit. The vocals, though, are very much in keeping with that retro rockabilly sound. Some of the overlayers on this bring in some intriguing textures. This is tasty and a lot of fun.

Creepersin - Formaldehyde Hide
The guitar solos all over the introduction of this song. This is more pure hard edged and the shouted vocals on the chorus bring some punk rock to the table.
Creepersin - I Need a Mate
There’s really not a lot of rockabilly on this. Instead it’s a punky hard rock sound that works quite well.
Creepersin - Sickle Sick
This one’s almost pure punk rock. It’s a lot of fun.
Creepersin - Glory to the Rhythm of Death
Bass starts this in a rather mysterious way. It builds with that stripped down arrangement for a while. Then it fires out into a more complete arrangement as the vocals join.
DieMonsterDie - A Priest and a Zombie Rent a Fishing Boat As Friends

This has more of a punk rock texture. The vocals remind me a bit of something from the 1980s. It’s a lot of fun and rocks pretty well.

DieMonsterDie - All Covered In Blood, and Dressed Like a Whore
There’s more of a hard-edged rock and roll texture. It’s less punky, but there is still some punk to be heard. It drops down for a spoken section that feels a bit like it’s meant as homage to (or a spoof on) Elvis Presley. After that section it screams out to some of the most hard rocking sounds we’ve heard from this band and the guitar screams over the top.
DieMonsterDie - Deep Space Isolation Psychosis
The vocals as this come in remind me a bit of The Dead Kennedys and really the music sort of fits, except it’s slower. This is raw and fun. There’s a killer guitar solo on it.
DieMonsterDie - Lucky Number 666
Here’s another screaming rocker. It’s punk for certain, but there are other sounds to be heard, too.
DieMonsterDie - World Needs Monsters
A smoking hot thick grind, this is quite catchy. It’s almost metal in nature. This is the best cut of the bunch from these guys. There’s an especially tasty guitar solo here.
Others - The Horror Academy
A school bell starts this off, then it works out to a raw hard rocking, punk section. The vocals are sort of spoken/shouted. In some ways this feels like a more raw version of The Ramones.
Others - The Ricin Ball
This fires in raw and fierce. It’s noisy and very punk oriented. The lyrics certainly earn a parental advisory.
Others - Heads Will Fly
Aggressive and raw, this is more punk rock. At times it makes me think of The Dead Boys. I guess that’s appropriate.
Others - First Drain
This pounds in with a chugging riff that again calls to mind The Dead Boys. It’s raw and potent. The vocals are more spoken than anything. As it continues, it’s almost like a jam band take on punk rock. It’s angry and powerful and the best we’ve heard from Others to this point. It really becomes quite an incredible jam. There’s lots of feedback and hard-edged chunky chordings.
Others – Josie
Here’s a punk meets metal noisefest. There are some cool vocals (shouted gang style) and some tasty garage band riffing meets thrash. It’s another standout from Others. It’s punk, but there’s a lot more going on than just exclusively punk rock. It gets quite involved and wanders through some changes as it continues. This is another that’s rather jam-band like.
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