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It Will Not Come Back

Review by Larry Toering

Kruk are a strong force with which to reckon. From Poland, they feature the massive talent of main composer  and exceptionally talented guitarist Piotr Brzychey, along with a beefy rhythm section and Hammond and Synth extraordinaire Krzyszolf Walczyk. This band means business and from the evidence found on this release, they are up to it. If they keep it up on this level, Kruk are guaranteed to do big things in a global capacity. This is without a doubt, one of the best heavy rock acts I've heard in the last decade. Not only that, it comes with a bonus DVD to witness them at their best, live in concert.

That DVD is a treat worth the price of admission, as they burn through several numbers from this  CD, as well as a few surprises, such as Deep Purple's “Child In Time” and “Knocking At Your Back Door.” Including this disc really goes to show just how much they need to be seen to be fully appreciated. Complete with a state of the art production, this documents the band perfectly and sets the proceedings in stone. Expect to hear more where this came from, because Kruk have arrived!

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2011  Volume 5 at

Track by Track Review

Twenty-five seconds of wilderness is captured to appropriately set up the first track.

Now When You Cry

Not a sliver of time is spared as things kick right off in traditional metal fashion, with one of the hottest numbers on the disc. Everyone is so evenly precise that it's an instant winning combination. From the soaring vocals and guitar, to the well placed keyboards and hard hitting drums, this is a killer blend of modern and old school rock, done with major finesse. It’s a first class opener.

In Reverie

This has a very light infectious hook to it. Doogie White guestson vocals. It's an out of this world track with a smooth edge that keeps it together like glue. The keyboard plays a prominent role so far and it helps render the prog factor with ease. This is an epic gem of a number indeed, with some piercing guitar work from Brzychey.


A killer guitar run opens this heavy riffing cut, and the swirling keys and thumping beat provide a creative back drop for one of the best vocal performances so far. This tune defines its title so well it's crazy. More fantastic keyboard work is featured, and it's just amazing how well it blends with the guitar.

Embrace Your Silence

This is where things start to really blow away the listener, with an over the top performance by all. It is easily one of my favorite tracks on the disc, as it's one of the coolest things I've ever heard. This is simply an amazing piece of work.


Slowing it down a little more, this is a sweet semi-power ballad, just a soft and lovely majestic tune. The vocal performance is very relaxed and comprehensive compared to previous numbers, but there’s a killer scream toward the end.

Here On Earth

This has them going back into uptempo mode, but with a different approach than heard before. There’s a cool synth to keep it interesting, very interesting. This has “prog” written all over it. It’s absolutely fascinating!

Cold Wall

A real nice keyboard heavy intro makes way for a goth heavy vocal, and then a church organ creeps in and things kick in for a bit before calming back down. This pattern is, of course, repeated to its intended effect. This is a freakishly interesting tune to say the least. More prog is present without a doubt here.

Every Night

This is totally killer. What a smack in the face this is, with awesome creativity, as everything about it is groovy, from the funky bass to the rolling riff and random swipes. This shows their versatility in the best light, amazing! Once again, the keyboard work just fits like a glove, but don't forget the guitar, because it shines here as well as anywhere else on this hot release.

It Will Not Come Back

There are more tempo changes galore on this generally fast paced closer, another one of the musical fun spots to be found throughout this innovative release. The guitar here is so piercing and fluent that it will grab you by the ear and not let go until you pry it off with a pair of vice grips. The sheer genius of Brzychey alone is enough to spin anyone's head.

Simply The Best

This is a bonus track of the Tina Turner song. Yes, surprising as it may seem I said “Tina Turner” song. It's done very faithfully considering the difference in musical approach. It works very well, believe it or not.

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