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These Curious Thoughts

Let’s See What 2Moro Brings

Review by Gary Hill

Where this disc shines is in the songwriting that combines progressive rock sounds with classic rock textures and psychedelic elements. The music is entertaining and works almost universally well. The only real issue is that the production seems a bit flat. At best it’s noticeable; on the tracks where it’s most obvious it tends to interfere with the enjoyment a bit. Still, the music here is strong enough to survive a less than perfect production value.

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Track by Track Review
The Good Times

This comes in with a slow paced, acoustically driven sound. As other layers of sound are added it comes into the zone of some of the modern, moody progressive rock. References to Pink Floyd would be appropriate, too. Although, the guitar solo makes me think of Robert Fripp. That solo, though, gives way to a change to more rocking music a bit like Jethro Tull.

Dilated Pupils
They bring this in with a harder rocking sound right from the get-go. It’s definitely got a classic rock texture. The recording seems a little flat in terms of production, but the killer sounds are strong enough to rise beyond that limitation.
Care in the Community
A melodic tune, this has a lot of psychedelia and space rock built into it. It’s the most purely progressive rock oriented number to this point.
Beautiful Thing Called Life
This is a mellower number that reminds me a lot of early Genesis. It’s gentle, yet intricate and moody, but also quite pretty. The arrangement takes a twist later towards a more fully realized sound. It becomes a rather psychedelic and powerful jam. Bits of jazz are heard as it really starts to rock out.
World of Pain (The Nihilist)
Psychedelic rock opens this and they carry on with a couple variants on that before launching out into a more progressive rock oriented instrumental section. The psychedelia returns for the next vocal section. The cut holds the familiar pattern from there, but when the proggy jam returns it’s more involved than on the previous run through. That section is eventually faded down to end the piece.
Hard rocking music creates the motif for this. It’s got a lot of classic rock built into and even a little bit of punk. The lyrics definitely earn a parental advisory and there’s both psychedelia and more pure progressive rock built into different parts of the piece.
There’s Shark in this Fishbowl
This is a bit rawer in terms of the musical structures. It’s not one of my favorites. It’s still got some cool psychedelic bits and classic rock elements, but just seems a bit lackluster compared to a lot of the other music presented here.
Swimming in Glue
If there’s a mistake on the set, it’s this track. It’s definitely even more raw than the previous number. It’s also just sort of boring.
OK, despite the trite title, this is a cool song. It combines a melodic, acoustic driven prog sound with some vintage psychedelia for great effect.
Let’s See What 2Moro Brings
The title track comes in with a keyboard heavy section. The melodic jam they take us into is cool, but feels a little awkward and raw at times. Still, it’s pretty good. I think that it might not have been the best choice to close the set, but it’s not a bad song at all. It does get better before it ends. There’s the sound of a bus or other diesel vehicle that serves to finish this one off.
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