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Jesse Terry

Empty Seat on a Plane

Review by Gary Hill

We get quite a bit of folk music on this album. It’s also got alternative rock and other rock elements, too, though. There’s even some gospel in the mix and a lot of retro rock. All in all, this is a compelling and powerful set.

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Track by Track Review
Empty Seat On a Plane

An alternative pop rock number, this is catchy and tasty. It’s got a modern sound, but also some retro folk elements are heard here.

Let the Blue Skies Go to Your Head
Even more folk oriented, there are some nice symphonic elements at play here. It’s another winner.
Wishful Thinking
While in a lot of ways this is even more pure folk, it has some layers of sound that are lush and quite powerful.
Grace On a Train
Almost purely folk in style and structure, the vocal performance on this tune is one of the strongest here. In fact, this cut, mellow as it is, is one of the highlights of the set.
Intricate and evocative, this is a powerful ballad. It’s another standout on the album.
Bitterroot Valley
There’s a real soulful, gospel kind of retro texture to this number. It’s slow, but has a little bit more of a rocking vibe to it. It’s a nice change and a good song.
Blue Touches Blue
Retro rock and soul are merged here. This is a high energy tune that’s doesn’t really quite rise to the level of rocking. It’s got a lot of style and charm.
This is arguably the highlight of the disc. It’s got a classic rock meets folk rock style built into it. The arrangement, though, gets very powerful and this thing just works so well.
Barefoot Child
With sort of a powered up ballad approach, this is more contemporary in arrangement and sound. I really like the use of keyboards to fill out the arrangement on this.
Scared of Nothing
Here’s another tasty pop rock tune. It’s got plenty of folk music in the mix, along with some more contemporary sounds.
Scenic Route
Very mellow, this is pretty and slow moving. It’s a nice change of pace and has some powerful moments.
Pearl Diver
This song certainly has its charms, but it just doesn’t seem to stand out enough to make it as special as it should be for a disc closer. Still, taken outside that context, it’s a good mid-tempo piece in keeping with the rest of the music here.
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