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Il Troubadore

Songs from the Empire: Ridged for your Pleasure

Review by Gary Hill

So, I’ve included this thing in the progressive rock section of Music Street Journal because it’s adventurous. Perhaps is a bit lacking in the rock part, but what a cool mix of sounds we get here. Did I mention that this is Klingon rock? It’s not the first Klingon music I’ve reviewed, and it likely won’t be the last. It’s a cool disc, though, no matter what planet the songs are based in or on or created to represented.


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Track by Track Review
Qoy, qeylIS puqloD

Drumming opens this and it drives it with a very martial sort of sound. There is a jazz meets space rock element to the piece and the vocals are all in Klingon. It is very much like what one might expect Klingon folk music to sound like.

Leave the Fire Burning

The lyrics this time are in English. The music is really pretty well connected to some of the more acoustic based sounds of early Hawkwind. This rocks quite well and features some great jazz instrumentation and a driving musical progression. It has an almost symphonic sound in a lot of ways, too. Those familiar with the “Klingon” music from the “Star Trek” films will recognize the later section of this as it contains an arrangement of that theme. This is an awesome piece of music that manages to convey a “Klingon” aesthetic in a motif that’s both classical and progressive rock oriented. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the set.

batlh qelDI' tlhIngan, lumbe’

Starting sparse, this is rather symphonic with a definite world music element to it. There’s a mysterious tone and some serious drama in the arrangement. It is strictly instrumental and really does feel like it could be Klingon classical music.

parmaq 'oH

The vocals on this one are more operatic and sung in Klingon. The music combines classical with folk and even some hints of jazz. This one builds very slowly and really feels quite otherworldly in a lot of ways.

Run Like Blood

There is more energy here with a motif that rocks but also has definite jazz and classical sound in the mix. It’s quirky and rather like Rock in Opposition in some ways. It certainly has a lot in common with the chamber music side of that type of music.

be' joy' luqaSa

Another acoustic based rocker with both jazz and classical elements, this one has the lyrics in Klingon again. It’s a very effective and pounding sort of tune. It drops to a slow moving section later that’s quite operatic and exploratory. It gets fast, and downright crazed later in the number.

Hegh rur'a' ghopwIj?

Mellow and atmospheric, this instrumental combines a soundtrack like classical music element with a space rock sort of vibe for great effect.

maS bom

With operatic Klingon vocals, this is a powerful cut that combines a mellow, folk sort of arrangement with chamber music and space rock. A section mid cut is much more in a folk world music sound.

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