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The Mastapiece

Review by Gary Hill
There is a lot of spooky sound on this, meaning some of it would fit well with Halloween music. Other times it’s more typical hip hop. Some songs are more successful than others, but the whole thing is pretty strong.

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Track by Track Review
I am Pain
Sound effects, weird atmospheric music and screams of pain open this – along with a strange spoken voice. Then it works out to the rap section. It’s kind of electronic music mixed with somewhat typical rhythmic hip hop.
Thrill Kill
There’s a bit of a spooky vibe to this cut, but overall it’s not drastically different from the main portion of the previous tune.
Grave Dance
Now, there’s a change to this. For one thing, there’s a cool, rubbery kind of groove to it. Secondly, some science fiction like music is heard over the top in places. 
City to the South
More dramatic and powerful, this is one of the highlights of the set.
Like That
This one’s more rhythmically dominated. It’s kind of stripped down. It represents a change of pace, but it’s not necessarily a highlight of the set.
The MastaPiece
Now, this really does deserve to be the title track. The musical motifs and sounds here are classic. It’s dramatic, mysterious and powerful. There’s a killer groove along with some great layers of sound and atmosphere.
To the Death (Satan's army) feat. Skitzo
This is another winner. There’s a symphonic, soundtrack type sound to this and a really great driving rhythmic section. In some ways it feels close to something by the Gothic prog-like band Nox Arcana, but with a hip hop edge added to it.
You Can Be Erased
In some ways this is more typical hip hop. Still, there are some elements that bring a bit of a spooky texture to the proceedings
Triple Threat feat. Scum and Bloodshot
Here we’ve got a cut that’s more rhythmic than anything else. That said, the vocals at times call to mind Marilyn Manson, but the rapping is multilayered and quite dramatic, too. This is actually one of the cooler pieces of the set, despite being one of the simpler ones in terms of music.
Step Right Up
While musically this one isn’t all that special, I really like the rap on this one a lot. It’s classy and tasty.
Mo Bodies (Bloodshed)
In a lot of ways, the Gothic meets electronic music on this is weird. In a lot of other ways, though, it makes this one of the highlights of the set. It’s certainly got a creepy edge to it.
Lay Handz feat. Daniel Jordan
Electronic music with a science fiction like texture is heard on this cut. It’s a cool tune, but not really a standout number.
Hell Masta feat. Rev Fang Gory and Kreepy
The same basic musical territory is heard here as on the last cut. There’s a lot of energy and some interesting differing styles of rapping. That said, it’s not one of the stronger pieces here.
The music here is rather pretty and a big change of pace. This is one of the cooler cuts here and has one of the best flowing raps.
Make My Mind Up
Rhythmic and textural, this one’s cool, but seems to go on too long without enough changes. That said, there’s an awesome bit of horror soundtrack like music at the end.
Grave Dance (Shroom Mix)
There’s a bit of a jazz and a retro texture to this remix. I like it a lot. In fact, I think this version is better than the main one on the disc. It’s quite electronic and also quite cool.
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