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Welcome to the Freakshow

Review by Larry Toering

Hinder is a great rocking band out of Oklahoma, to which I am new, and they sound like other contemporary hard rock bands of the day. However, of the ones I've been reviewing lately, they stand apart as one of the better outfits. If alternative rock is your thing, this almost fits the bill, but it does have a more hard rock factor to it. I would have to say they fall between that and classic rock but with some slight pop inclinations, as well. Either way you slice it they accomplished a great recording here and it comes recommended for that and the occasional diversity it contains within those parameters.

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Track by Track Review
Save Me

After a few effects, the whole band comes crashing in with a "mean business" approach, and belt out their power throughout this opener. It begins the set with just the right attitude to get to the point of the whole show with no hestitation. One can easily tell where things are pretty much headed.

Ladies Come First
 This picks up even more, and the guitar starts to flex a little muscle. Everything about this is cutting edge rock, complete with some scratching. But make no mistake, this is not a hip hop record. It's pure rock.
Should Have Known Better
Oddly enough, this is not what I expected, but that is a good thing, because this is full of diversity. It starts off slow with a bit of piano, and then drives home with some great melodies and hooks. It's not a ballad, but a rocker with some complex structure, and a great one it is.
This is a huge vibe with a dirtier approach, and it just works so well that there is no denying its strength as the title track (or at least as close as there is to one). The lyrics are matched with some unique instrumentation that makes it all perfect in delivery. This is built on a killer hook!
Talk To Me
This one is more of a ballad, but it still doesn't go that far and hangs around in the middle somewhere. The outcome is another good one, as it increases the consistency with another solid track.
Get Me Away From You
More piano opens this one. That really isn't even an instrument you'd really expect them to feature, but I'm glad to hear it. It keeps a role as the track wears on. Once again this is a great cut. It even ends with a nice plink of that piano.
Is It Just me
If a pop tune existed on here, this would be it, but don't count on it being a soft one. More piano shines through, as well. Good stuff with a great melody, I like this track a lot. It is very cool!
I Don't Wanna Believe
This is yet another winner in the same vein. In fact, I like it even more. Everything about it is excellent. More fine melodies creep into this one, too. It is one of the most enjoyable tracks on offer.
See You In Hell
This is a little less my cup of tea, but I still somehow can't deny its goodness. A nice chunky guitar makes this all it can be. I can see why anyone would like it, though, because it's a smooth number that seems to fit, anyway. The guitar factor mentioned is full of some very slick work.
Anyone But You
An acoustic guitar sets this up and stays the course on what is probably the most balladeering track on the disc.  It has more socio-political subject matter. It’s not really a love song, but very close, and another great tune it is. I find it to be one of the better tracks, but they're all so consistent that it's hard to pick a favorite.
Wanna Be Rich
This is a little different at first, but then it goes into a full blown rocker to close the set with a vibe akin to the title track and overall concept.


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