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Edgar Broughton Band

Live In Hamburg: The Fabrik Concert 1973

Review by Gary Hill

These guys have a cool hard rock, jam sound, the kind of thing that was popular in the early 1970s. This live recording is good, but suffers quite a bit in terms of audio quality. Still, for fans of Edgar Broughton, it’s got to be recommended. That’s because it has some strong performances. It’s just that it would have been great if the audio issues could have somehow been corrected, but they seem like they might have been part of the live mix at the show, or at least the master tapes.

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Track by Track Review
Get Out Of Bed / There's Nobody There / Side By Side / Sister Angela

This opening medley is cool, a bit of space rock sound. The only real problem is that there is a pretty poor recording here. Some of the vocals are distorted and the whole thing sounds washed out a lot of the time. A lot of times I’m reminded of Hawkwind and as strong as this is, I wish it wasn’t hampered by the audio problems.

I Got Mad / Momma's Reward
As this comes in, it feels a bit like Hendrix. They take the thing into more jam band like territory as this continues to evolve. It’s a great rocking tune that works really well. I like it a lot. The sound quality seems to have approved a bit, but the vocals still get distorted at times.

A bouncy little psychedelic pop tune, this is fun, but still suffers a bit in the audio quality department. This just feels like a sloppy kind of jam that’s not complex enough for the length of it, nor does it seem well thought out, either. It’s OK, but just seems to drag on too long.

Love In The Rain

I love the fuzz guitar sound on this rocker, but the vocals again suffer from too much distortion. There are moments of this, though, that make me think a bit of Hawkwind. It has some great fuzz jamming later, too – very space rock like.

Look At The Mayor

This comes in tentatively with a blues turned psychedelic rock approach. There is some harmonica soloing and some tasteful guitar work as this builds outward. Somehow the vocals make me think of Jim Morrison at times. The sound quality is better here.

Gone Blue

While this isn’t particularly special, it’s just a straightforward hard rock tune that’s reasonably effective.

Spoken Intro To Freedom

As one can guess from the title, this is just a spoken introduction to the next song.


They turn this beast into an 18 minute plus jam. It’s got a real jam band kind of vibe to it with some bits of space rock, too. The sound quality is better on this than on some of the other music. It’s another that seems like it might have worked better in the actual concert because it seems to drag on a bit too long. It also seems to wander aimlessly a bit too much.

Out Demons Out

Starting on drums, this one is about thirteen and a half minutes long. As those drums continue jamming there is some fairly crazed chanting over the top. It does call to mind some parts of Hawkwind a bit. It’s a shame it’s so distorted, though. Considering that this drums and vocals only section lasts well over five minutes, it’s way too lengthy. They launch out into a tasty blues rock jam from there.

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