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World War IX

Off the Wagon

Review by Gary Hill

Music like the other EP by this group I’ve reviewed, this comes with a comic book. That’s just cool if you ask me. Beyond that, we get a slab of old school punk rock. This is a brief EP made up of short songs. These guys are really talented, though. This is fun.

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Track by Track Review
Carrera Con El Diablo

Starting with some Spanish, this thing is a smoking hot, frantic punk rocker that’s very cool. Some horns later lend some Latin sound to the piece.

Cutlass Supreme
I love the guitar sound that drives this thing. It’s purely classic. This is just awesome old school skate punk. The stripped back section later is cool. The interesting thing is, this keeps changing, and in a song that’s less than two-minutes in length, that’s impressive.
Price Of Admission

It’s hard to not move when this is playing. It’s frantic punk rock that’s very catchy. As with just about everything from these guys, the bass guitar is amazing. There’s a real hardcore section later in the track. There’s a section later that makes me think of The Dead Boys a bit. That reference comes mainly in the vocal department. They bring some hardcore fury in at the end.

(What's Wrong With) Drinking All Day

More accessible punk rock, this is kind of like a cross between the Sex Pistols and the Clash, with perhaps a bit of the Ramones thrown in for good measure.

Bath Salt Zombies (Theme From Bath Salt Zombies)
The jam that opens this is almost metal. They fire out to frantic hardcore punk from there.
The closing piece is a spoken bit.
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