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Badi Assad

Between Love and Luck

Review by Gary Hill

This isn’t necessarily the best fit under progressive rock. Clearly, not everything here is prog. The mix of sounds, though, along with some music that is progressive rock, earns this one that category at Music Street Journal. Some of the vocals on this disc are in English, but the bulk are not. This has a lot of world music built into it. However you slice the soundscape, though, this is a strong disc.

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Track by Track Review

This is a killer tune that has lots of progressive rock and world music in the mix. It’s quite magical in a lot of ways.

Pega no Coco
The same musical links are heard here, but this is more of a fast paced rocking groove.
Between Truth and Luck

The first track to feature vocals in English, there is sort of a melodic prog meets space rock vibe to this.

Vinheta Noite

This is a short acoustic guitar solo that’s quite jazz-like.

Noite de São João

Bouncy world music is the order of business here and the lyrics are back in the other language (Portuguese).

Quarto da Rainha

World music and an almost urban vibe is the order of business here. But some psychedelic music is also part of the game here. It turns more towards jazz further down the musical road. There’s a real musical theater vibe to this in a lot of ways.


There’s a shuffling percussion element and a real groove to this cut. It’s another with English vocals.

Vinheta Coração

This is just a brief acoustic guitar solo that’s quite intricate and tasty. Although, it’s essentially an acoustic guitar solo there are some airy bits of non-lyrical vocals and a few other things here. It seems to lead straight into the next cut.

To Reach My Heart

Acoustic guitar and jazz stylings are the order of business here. It’s a pretty and rather lush cut and another with vocals in English.

O Barco Daqui de Dentro
There is a vulnerable and playful feeling to this piece which has a lot of world music in the mix. It gets quite powerful, particularly through the vocal performance (once again out of English territory). It’s fun and grows quite a bit.
Eu Vim Daquele Lugar

Jazzy and quite electronic at the same time, this is fairly stripped back and very dramatic. It’s quite a cool tune. It has a groove to it and is one of the highlights of the set. It’s almost space rock, without a lot of the rock. It gets quite dramatic later.

Spicy Moments

Back in the English direction, this rocker is quite cool. It’s got plenty of prog (at times feeling a bit like Pink Floyd) along with world music and some serious space rock. It’s another highlight of the set and might be my favorite tune here. This is dramatic and varied and I like it a lot.

Mulheres e Cunhantãs

Dramatic and spacey rock is the order of business here, too. There is a lot of organic sound in the mix and this is another powerful one. It rocks out quite hard later and is just plain tasty. This gets quite lush in its arrangement later, too. It’s a real powerhouse.

Mar Egeu

In stark contrast acoustic guitar opens this. It has a real jazz ballad texture to it. Then some world music rises up after the first set of vocals. It eventually shifts out towards more of a space rock vibe. Some backwards masked (or it sounds like it) stuff as heard later and then the piece drops back to the earlier section to end.

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