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Robert Jürjendal

Source of Joy

Review by Gary Hill

Prog, fusion and classical are all merged on this disc. There’s even some space rock. It’s a good set with a lot of variety. Yet, even with all that variety, this fits together well, having a definite cohesiveness.

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Track by Track Review
Source of Joy I

Early parts of this make me think of some of the more atmospheric textures of early Genesis. The cut grows out from there after a time. It gets more layers of sound and a definite space rock meets jazz vibe.

Starting off with a fusion vibe, this turns towards the more rock end of that equation. That said, it’s definitely melodic rock and has some elements of world music, too.
Atmospheric and textural, this is also quite pretty and dramatic.
February Sun
There’s a real sense of magic here. It’s sort of spacey music with hints of classical sounds. It’s quite pretty and engaging.
Over the Water
This is fairly atmospheric. It’s got waves of pretty atmospheric music that sort of moves around.
Source of Joy II
This is more lushly arranged. Multiple layers of sound create a tapestry that is symphonic and yet electronic and quite stirring.
To the Plain Land
An expressive and growing piece, this is one of the more complex numbers here. It’s got a lot of fusion and electronic music in the mix, but there are also bits of classical and psychedelia here. This rocks out more than some of the rest here. There are some backwards tracked parts on this.
Signs of Life
Tuned percussion sounds create the majority of the atmospheric texture here.
This is less than a minute long and seems to combine the sounds of the previous piece with a melodic rock movement.
The Cotter
Growing out quite gradually, this seems to combine the same atmosphere meets electronic and fusion sound that’s present on much of the album with something more akin to The Doors.
Source of Joy III
Atmosphere emerges and intricate acoustic guitar elements come over the top. It grows out into some seriously powerful, slow moving space rock. This is melodic and has some non-lyrical vocals soaring over the top.
And Our Eyes Made a Bridge
This is dramatic and atmospheric with definite symphonic elements at play. It’s also ominous.
Deep C
This is a delicate and rather intricate piece. It’s more organic than most of the stuff here. There is clearly a classical edge to this. It’s quite an effective, if understated, piece.
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