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The Physician (CD Single)

Review by Gary Hill

There are two songs here. One of them is based on a television show, but I won’t spoil it before the track listing by naming that show. I will say that it’s one of my favorites, though. I like both of these songs a lot. They are both instrumentals and land somewhere in the progressive rock and space rock territory. This is a great stuff.

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Track by Track Review
The Physician

Some sound effects open this. Then a pounding driving rhythm section enters and we’re off. Those with perception will start to recognize that rhythm section and the title will make sense. They move it forward with the rhythm section as the dominant factor for about the first minute. As the melody line comes over the top it becomes obvious that the title is clever and this is the Omenopus take on the “Doctor Who” theme song. It’s meant as a tribute to the show in celebration of the 50th Anniversary. They drop it way down for an acoustic guitar take on that familiar theme. Then it powers back out for more harder edged space rock around the familiar sounds. The sounds of the TARDIS emerge at the end, too.

This comes in very sedate and atmospheric. It grows upward very gradually, making me think of early Pink Floyd. It’s about a minute and a half in before any kind of real “song” like structure enters. Even then, it’s more like waves of enveloping sound. That change is still quite gradual and understated. By around the three minute mark there’s a bass guitar that threatens to bring the piece into more rocking territory. It doesn’t do so, though. The comparison to early Floyd is still quite apparent. Then, maybe a minute later a Hawkwind-like noisy space jam emerges with a real driving element to it. It gets a little noisy near the end and that segment serves to close the thing.
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