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Possibilities: Light

Review by Gary Hill

For the most part, I like this set. It’s got some songs that work much better than others, but only one track I’d consider leaving out of the thing. The music here is mostly electronic styled, but moves from dance music to more proggy stuff. The vocals at times are a little awkward, but in some ways that lends charm to this. All in all, it’s quite an effective set.

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Track by Track Review
The Light

Musically this is basically electro pop, but it’s also got leanings towards stuff like Vangelis. Add in some vocals that at times make me think of 4 Non-Blondes and you’ll have an idea of what this sounds like. It’s cool stuff and has some rather accessible vocal hooks at points.

Electronic music rather like Vangelis serves as the backdrop here. This is an energetic cut that’s pretty interesting. The vocals seem to work better on this one than they did on the opener, and they worked pretty well there.
This is definitely a highlight of the set. The same kind of electronic rhythm section opens this and ends it, but in between is something completely different. It’s more of an organic, pop arrangement. The vocal hooks are catchy, the guitar is a nice touch and overall this is just a cool tune. I love it.
On Fire
Rather literally “on fire,” this is an energetic electronic dance styled cut. It has definite R&B influence to it. It’s one of the fastest paced things here. It’s also one of the most effective.
Slow Ur Roll
If there is a track to skip, this is it. The slower arrangement works reasonably well, but the vocals have a timing that’s awkward. The sections where they work better they are run through some kind of autotune processing to deliver the modern kind of pop sound that’s destined to sound very dated in a  few years. This one just doesn’t work at all for me.
Keep On
A definite psychedelic Indian vibe pervades this cut. At times it’s a little awkward, but overall this is pretty effective.
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