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Animal Hands

Animal Hands EP

Review by Gary Hill

I’ve read over the list of this band’s influences on their website and I just don’t hear that matching the music they create. To me, this feels a lot like Garbage, but with more of a straight ahead, punky rock element like Joan Jett (with and without the Runaways). Honestly, without the vocals of Danielle Whalebone, this wouldn’t be all that special. Sure, the songs are catchy and solid. They just don’t have a lot of originality by themselves. Whalebone’s voice really sells this start to finish. I like this a lot. I’d love to see them take more chances and develop a more unique sound going forward, though.

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Track by Track Review

There is both quite a bit of psychedelia and a lot of punk edge to this song. It’s a killer alternative rocker and the vocals really make it. That said, the guitar sound and phrasing are classic, too.

Paper Crown
The guitar that opens this leads one to think that this might be a metal tune. Instead, this is more of a 1980s punk inspired pop rocker. Joan Jett might be a decent reference point, but perhaps it comes in musically closer to The Runaways than her solo stuff.
This Is the Day
Although there are no huge changes here, this is another especially effective hard rocker. I really like the melodic guitar soloing.
Bed of Dolls
There is a bit more metal to this one, but overall it’s more of the same. That’s not a bad thing, though. Perhaps if this was more than just four songs, the sound would wear a bit thin, but given the brevity, it still feels fresh.
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