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Go Robot, Go

Good Vibes in Fashion Wear

Review by Gary Hill

These guys have a sound that incorporates a lot of different things. I can hear bubble gum in this, but also lots of punk rock, modern progressive rock, powerpop and a lot more. It’s catchy and unusual. It’s also quite strong. If you like your rock music accessible and yet non-mainstream, this is for you. It’s a lot of fun.

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Track by Track Review
My Brain is in Space

A burst of feedback laden guitar opens this. Then a noisy droning takes over and the vocals come in over the top of this. It’s a lot like Radiohead with a real punky vibe at play. Space rock keyboards come in at times. There is also a real powerpop edge here.

Peas in a Pod
Punk and powerpop collide on this high energy rocker. It’s got great hooks and a real punk rock power.
Surfin' Queen
This is a mellower, slower moving cut. It’s more along the lines of shoegaze at times, but really makes me think of Radiohead quite a bit.
In My Pool
I like the blend of punk and pop on this rocker. It makes me think of The A’s quite a bit.
The Foxy Girls
There is almost a modern progressive rock vibe to this in some ways. Still, the overall mix is pretty much unchanged. This is one of the better tunes here, though.
My Life in a 50's Cult
There is somewhat of a 1950s vibe to some of the music in this tune. It’s also got some modern prog in the mix. Overall it’s more of an alternative rock meets pop song, though.
I Can’t Get Her Out of My Fun
Noisy power pop is the order of business here. This is another winner.
Well, That’s Some Robot (Radiant Action)
A lot of this is mellower. It does get more powered up at times, though. This rocker continues the Radiohead type sounds along with some shoegaze and more.
Ode to Velma in C# Major
That modern prog sound is represented here, but this is a lot of other stuff in place, too. This is clearly about the “Velma” in “Scooby Doo.” For my money, bonus points are awarded for that. The vocal hooks here are among the catchiest of the set, too. Those things make this one of my favorites on the album.
Hey Fred
I like this rocker a lot. It’s not a big change, but it’s one of the catchier pieces here. It’s also one of the more effective ones.
Stereo Mission
This is a fairly catchy tune, too. It’s a great rocker that has some progressive rock in the mix, while overall landing in the powerpop territory of the rest of the set.
Good Vibes in Fashion Swimwear (When We’re Gone)
There’s a lot of surf music here. It’s got plenty of the sounds from the rest of the set, too, though.
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