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Jefferson Grizzard

Learning How to Lie

Review by Gary Hill

This is a pretty cool album. It’s got a bit of a punk rock element, but overall lands more in the territory of singer/songwriter music. The punk edge comes mostly from the vocals, but sometimes the music has it, too. Sometimes this is hard edged. At other times it’s mellow. It’s always strong.

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Track by Track Review
Long Time Coming

The rhythm section starts this and it powers out into a hard rocking jam. This is part punk, part metal and all rock and roll.

Plastic Lady
I love the cool retro texture to this number. It’s got a lot of style and magic in the mix.
This is a balladic number. It has symphonic orchestration in the mix. The vocals, though, land it more along the lines of punk rock inspired music. It’s a pretty tune, either way.
New Location
There’s a tasty riff to this rocker. The vocals are punky. Horns and more lend some jazzy, soulful elements.
Learning How to Lie
The title track is another cool rocker with some great retro textures.
Rough Time in Paris (Around, Around)
I really love this song. It’s got a folk rock vibe to it. It’s retro textured in a lot of ways.
In the Fall
Here’s a cool rock and roller. It has some nice honky tonk piano and tasty harmonica.
Bound for the Sun

A mellower tune, there is a lot of country music built into this.

So Far Down
I love this cut. It’s got a great funky, jazzy groove to it.
Acoustic guitar driven balladic rock, this has symphonic orchestration built into it. It’s got a real classic rock feeling to it.
Can't Knock 'Em Out
The punk meets classic rock edge is back here. This gets a bit of a parental advisory on the lyrics.
When Levon Sings
This one has a lot of classic rock and folk in the mix. It reminds me a bit of The Band. It’s a great way to end the set in style.
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