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Going to the Sun

Going to the Sun

Review by Gary Hill

I like this set quite a bit. It’s a solid pop rock disc full of a variety of accessible pieces of music. There’s a decent range here, from alternative rock to country, folk, power pop and more. If you like your pop rock catchy and well constructed and performed, this is for you.

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Track by Track Review
New Year

An alternative rocker, this thing is so catchy. It’s just about perfect. It has a lot of energy and a fun arrangement. That makes it a great first shot.

Alone in the Same Room
There is definitely some power pop in the mix on this number. It’s similar in some ways as the opener, though. It’s clearly of similar quality.
Halfway Around the World
Some country music and some folk are heard on this acoustic rocker. Beyond that it has more of the same pop rock elements heard so far. This one isn’t quite as strong as the first two, though.
Never Get Over You
Somehow parts of this make me think of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” Beyond that, though, this is an uptempo pop rocker that fits sort of between the last song and the first two. There is some funk in the mix of this.
So Separate
This is a slow and mellow balladic cut. It has a lot of country music built into and is rather drone like. It’s also extremely effective.
Our Hearts Keeping On
More contemplative than some of the rest, this is rather a dreamy kind of alternative rock tune. It’s also strong.
Out of the Night
There is sort of a triumphant element to this rocker. It’s another solid number on a disc that’s full of good stuff.
Lying In Green Pastures
A mellow, acoustic based piece, this is thoughtful and quite beautiful. It’s actually one of the best tunes here.             
Autumn Turning Over
This is a rhythmic pop rock anthem that will have you singing along in no time. It makes for a great closer.
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