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Vince Grant

My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me

Review by Gary Hill

This set comes in, does its job and gets out. That sort of brevity probably adds to its effectiveness. Everything here is strong, landing in the neighborhood of mainstream rock. It does have leanings toward a lot of different styles along the way. There is enough variety here to keep it interesting. It has peaks and valleys, and that’s always a good thing.

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Track by Track Review

I really like the mix of sounds on this a lot. Catchy alternative rock blends with power pop and psychedelia to create an accessible number that’s a great opener.

Oceans II
I can make out hints of singer songwriter types of music on this number. Add in some modern progressive rock and 80s music to the mix. Still, some of the same stuff we heard on the previous piece shows up. All in all, this works with that song while taking the whole thing in different directions.
Edge of the World
The first half of this is mellow, more like a ballad. When it powers up later, it has a lot in common with modern prog. There is a dreamy quality to this, too. It’s another nice variant on the sound.
How Many Times You
This rocks out more than just about anything here. Yet, it manages to have mellow sections, too. While it’s still similar enough to the rest to fit, it feels very tied to 80s music like The Cure to me. It’s great stuff.
Sweet Addiction
I like this a lot, too. In fact, it might be the best track here. It tends to combine many of the same sounds we’ve heard before. It does it in a very compelling way.
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