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Can You Feel the Music

Review by Gary Hill

Overall this is more or less modern dance type pop music. The vocals are the best thing here, but a lot of the music and songwriting works well, too. The biggest complaint is that some of this is overproduced. On a couple songs it’s too the point of taking away from the music. Given the quality of the vocals, that’s a shame. Still, there is enough strong stuff here to make it worthwhile.

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Track by Track Review
Shooting Star

This starts a bit like something from Celine Dion. There are valid comparisons to that artist throughout the song. That said, this gets more soulful than that reference would indicate. This is good stuff.

Can You Feel the Music
The title track is an electronic dance number. It’s okay, but too overproduced for my tastes. The looped chorus is annoying, too.
Although this is definitely in that same overproduced dance music territory, it’s a strong cut. It has a lot of energy and a great vocal performance. I like the computerized “addicted,” too. The multiple layers of vocals is a great touch, too.
Wanna Be by Your Side (Forever)
Combining classic R & B with more modern sounds, this is quite an effective tune.
Take Me To the City
This is definitely electronic dance music. It’s also incredibly strong. The vocals and the mean sounds on the number work together to make this one of the highlights of the set.
More energetic and electronic dance music, this cut is almost as strong as the one that preceded it.
I'll Be There
Mellower and slower, this has a lot in common with old school R&B. Still, it has a modern edge. It’s a good song that’s one of the standouts.
Heat of the Moment
With a very modern sound and treatment, this just doesn’t work as well. The vocal performance is good, but the song just seems too trite and overproduced.
I Won't Let You Go & Break My Heart
A slower cut, this has a real classic R&B sound. It’s also packed with passion. Both of those things make it a standout.
A modern song, this lands on the mellower side of the equation. It’s also classy. I has some particularly beautiful vocal sections.
Have Faith
Arguably the classiest piece here, this is slow moving and gradually evolving. Multiple layers of vocals weave their magic. This is almost progressive rock oriented in some ways. It’s pretty and powerful and definitely one of the best songs of the whole disc.
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