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Review by Gary Hill

I have reviewed another EP from this act in this same issue of Music Street Journal. That set is probably more wide ranging and stronger than this one. Both are good, though. This is not traditional progressive rock, but it has plenty of space rock, jazz and other prog elements built into it.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2015  Volume 4 at

Track by Track Review

The bass starts things here. Proggy keyboard elements and other things emerge as it continues. The vocals come over the top of that. This feels very much like an electronic prog sound that’s blended with 80s electro pop elements. The vocals really work well.


This is a real hodge podge. It has elements of the previous piece. That said, there is more pure rock in the mix here. We even get some definite hip hop in the form of some raps. It’s a good cut, and I like the combination of sounds. That said, some of the vocals fall a bit short.

Down Time
Now, this is quite different. There are a lot of sound effects and stuff in the mix. Overall, though,, it’s more like a vaguely punky kind of space rock number. This is quite a cool tune. In fact, it’s one of my favorites here.

Prog and alternative rock merge here. It’s another solid cut.

Gnab Gib

The mix of sounds here is about the same as on the previous number. I love the vocal arrangement. The guitar sounds are great, too. This definitely has some hints of space rock, too.

Bailout Part 2

Mellow and just a little jazzy, I love this piece. The vocal arrangement in particular really sells it. In some ways, it makes me think of some of the quirkier mellow Pink Floyd. There is definitely a psychedelic edge to this. The instrumental section at the end (and particularly the sound effects) brings this into pure space rock territory. This is another highlight.

This seems to hav the whole gamut of sounds we’ve heard on the set. It’s complex, and potent, having a lot of Radiohead styled prog and shoegaze in the mix. It’s one of my favorites of the disc and a great choice for closer.
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