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Review by Gary Hill

I am sure I’ll get an argument with some readers about putting this under progressive rock. The act says that they have progressive rock built into their sound. I can definitely hear it. There are other things, too. Still, I’d say just the whole merging of sounds like blues rock, hip hop, modern pop, jazz and prog, makes it progressive music. The thing is, it’s an unusual album, but also a very compelling one. I’d love to hear more, as this is short, but it’s a great start.

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Track by Track Review

There’s a bluesy rock vibe here. Still, there are enough proggy elements at play to keep it labeled under that heading. I like the soulful vocals on the verses. This song gets incredible intense in the closing movement.

Starting with keyboards, this works out towards fusion. It’s such a pretty and classy jam, really. The prog comes in on some of the overlayers and changes. This is a killer tune. It’s classic and modern at the same time. It has a rap in the midst of it, too. I love the fast paced jazz groove later.
#NLF (Nothing Lasts Forever)
Modern pop rock merges with a definite prog rock sensibility on this great song. It’s such a pretty thing. In a lot of ways it makes me think of European epic metal. The arrangement gets really powerful.
Face It/Embrace It
Pretty and a little on the dreamy side, this is definitely progressive rock. It’s also a strong piece of music. It’s one of my favorites here. Then again, as strong as the whole album is, it’s tough to pick one.
I Empower Myself
This is definitely different. It’s part beat poetry and part hip hop. It’s just drumming with a man (the same guy we heard on “Breathe”) rapping over it.
Power Up
This literally does power things up. Crunchy guitar brings it into being. Urban music, proggy aspects and metal all merge here. This is another cut with a rap, too.
Let It Go
Perhaps this one is not progressive rock. It is a cool bluesy jam. Hints of gospel music show up here, too. It’s the powerful vocal delivery that really sells this thing. I love the cool vocal bit at the end.
This is one of the coolest things here. The music is part prog, part jazz and part space. The vocals (both male and female) play off one another in cool patterns. The end result is unique and compelling.
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