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GermsX Presents The Bentwitch Project

Review by Gary Hill

This is a short (less than twenty minutes) set. It’s punk rock. It has definite hints of other things ranging from heavy metal to space rock and more in it, though. Although nothing here is a huge change from the rest, this never stays around long enough to get boring or tired. It’s just furious and raw punk.

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Track by Track Review

There is definitely a bit of a thrash metal vibe to this furious tune. Still, it’s more punk than it is metal. It really screams. There are some definitely metallic breaks in the mix on this thing, though. There are things here that even call to mind something like Hawkwind. Yet there are some extreme metal vocals, too.

Muppet Show
They are showing no signs of letting up here. This is more or a pure punk stomper, but I could see some comparisons being made to Motorhead, too. That said, some of the vocal bits make me think of The Dead Kennedys a little.
Low Civilization
There is a cool science fiction meets Goth element to some of the music on this thing. It definitely has a lot of metal built into it, too. In fact, if the whole set were like this, it might land under metal. All that said, there is still a definite punk rock edge here.
F*** the F***
You can gather from the edit I did on the title that this gets a definite parental advisory on the lyrics. This is fast paced and screaming loud. It’s all punk, perhaps a bit like The Circle Jerks or something like that. It does have some metal elements at play, too.
Not a big change, at the start this is more furious punk rock. They drop it way down for a whispered chorus. It builds back out after that section. The balance between mellower dramatic stuff and fierce and raw on this is cool. There is a very metallic instrumental section later in the track. .The spelling here matches that on the CD cover.
There is some Dead Kennedys on the vocals to this cut. It’s another tasty slab of raw punk fury. This isn’t a huge change, but it’s strong enough to stand on its own, too.
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