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Chercher d'Or

Review by Gary Hill

This outfit hails from Belgium. All but two of their songs are in French, though. Those two are in English. Not everything here fits under prog, but a lot of it really is folk prog. Add in the fact that the remaining cuts have folk and jazz combined, and it seems a decent fit. I like this set quite a bit. It's an entertaining experience. Keep in mind that I say that without even understanding the lyrics. I definitely recommend this to fans of mellower, melodic music.


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Track by Track Review
Chercher d'Or

They kick things off in style. This is part folk rock. More than anything else, though, it's jazz and French cafe music. It's energetic and enchanting.

Un Brin de Passion
Although still full of jazz and French music leanings, this is fast paced and more of a rocker. It's a fun number.
Bord a Bord

Much more of a rock song, this lands on the mellow side. I'd consider this to be folk prog with some French and jazz elements at play. It touches on a jam band side of things, too.

Je te demande Pardon
There is a mellow folk prog groove to this cut. I like it a lot. The piano weaves some great melodies.
Beau Gosse
This is definitely one of my favorite tracks here. It starts off simply enough like more of that French folk music turned jazz. It grows out to this killer jam that's got alternative sounds along with prog rock laced all over it. This is so fun.
Celui a qui Elle Toent
Fast paced and really rocking, this is great stuff. It's very much in line with the modern alternative rock based prog. That said, there is a lot of old school rock and roll here.

Folk music and jazz make up this song. It's enjoyable and a rather fun ride. It just doesn't do as much for me as some of the rest do.

Mon Amour il est I'Heure
Take the folk music and French elements and add some psychedelia and prog to it. I'm pretty sure there is a theremin in this. I'm a big fan of theremin, so bonus points are awarded. Either way, this song just oozes "cool."
Tout Va Bien
Very much a folk prog kind of thing, there is a real soaring kind of quality to this. At the same time, it's rather dreamy. 
Behind the Mirror
This is another cut that grows from humble beginnings to real magic. It's another of my favorites. It's a classic example of the kind of folk music based prog that makes up a lot of the songs here. 
Still Here for You
There is definitely some trippy psychedelia built into this. I think I can hear some theremin on this one, too. It's another classy cut. It's another that's very much folk prog, too. I really love the more rocking movement later in the piece.
A 2 Mains
Mellower and quite pretty, this is a ballad. It's a classy way to end the set, bringing it back to the French at the same time.





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