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Plastic Hallway

Review by Gary Hill
This might not land under progressive rock in the traditional usage of that term. However, this is very proggy stuff. Parts of it land near Pink Floyd. There is a great spacey element to the bulk of this disc, too. All in all, however you label it, this is very effective.

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Track by Track Review
Dude, Sweet !

This short cut is rather trippy and dreamy.

Deephau5 (feat. Sami Stevens)
Electronic and yet soulful, this has a cool dreamlike quality, too.
Ravel (Mother Goose: III. Pavane De La Belle Au Bois Dormant)
Electronic music, trippy prog and classical all seem to merge here.
Dirty South (The Last Tycoon)
There is a bluesy kind of edge to this thing. It has a bit of a rap built into it. It's classy stuff that's still rather trippy and prog oriented.
I dig the electronic prog meets space music vibe here. This is definitely classy stuff.
While not a huge change, I love the Americana styled guitar soloing on this thing.
While there is no huge change here, I love the bass work on this thing.
Silent Weapons (Quiet Wars)
I really love some of the melodies on this cut. It's not a major alteration from the course of the previous tunes, but is still quite strong. It does have a tendency to get a bit heavier, though - even making me think a bit of Pink Floyd.
Saudad (Remix)
This is a short remix of the earlier song.   
This might be the best thing here. It's very much a space rock styled cut. It really grows into some great stuff. Again, Pink Floyd is not a bad reference point at times.
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