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├śresund Space Collective

Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip Vol 1

Review by Gary Hill
I am not positive that this was released under the OSC name because it's not listed as that on the cover. However, Dr. Space is a big part of OSC, and this does show up under their band-camp page. However you slice it, though, this electronic space disc fits within the confines of their music. It's not the best thing I've heard from them, but it's still strong. I'm not completely enthralled with the second piece here, but overall this works.
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Track by Track Review
Five Dimensions of the Universe

This rises gradually and powerfully. It has a cool world music element at play, but overall is space music. This is very trippy as it continues to build. I love the pan from speaker to speaker that is a big part of this. Around the ten minute mark (this cut is over 24 minutes in length) it turns to noisier rocking stuff. It's still very trippy, though. It drops back to mellower stuff again after a while with a cool retro meets modern space jam emerging. Further down the road it gets noisier and really freaky. Yet it works so well when it does. Like most space music, the change on this is reasonably gradual. There is definitely a lot of change, though.

Rising Sun over Mars
Noisy, chirping elements open this, like the sounds of space. As it builds outward it becomes a bit more "musical." To me this one is a bit too noise-like. It doesn't work as well as the opener did. Your mileage may vary, though, and it does have its charms.
In Search of Life on IO
Weird bits of keys and space music seem to dance around one another here. This works toward more strange space rock as it builds. There are definitely noisy elements not far removed from Rock In Opposition on this jam. It has some echoey brilliance, too. There are some sections later that even work toward some jazzy fusion.
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