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Ghostly Beard


Review by Gary Hill

This new EP feels like something that would have been right at home in the 1970s. It's closely tied to the rock of that era, and particularly the AOR prog stuff. Pink Floyd is certainly an influence, but it's far from the only influence.  Alan Parsons would be another valid reference point. Whatever you call this, though, the music here is compelling and mainstream, yet meaty. I'm hooked.


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Track by Track Review
Close Your Eyes

A percussive element starts this with a persistent beat. From there acoustic guitar rises up to form the basis for the piece. The cut continues to get more developed. The vocals join bringing it into some vaguely Beatles meets Pink Floyd styled territory. This is very much a 70s rock styled prog piece of music. It works into some rather soaring, but still understated, prog stuff as it continues. I love the guitar solo on this. It makes me think of David Gilmour quite a bit.

Frozen in Time

More energized, this has a cool groove that's part fusion and part rock music. While I prefer the other stuff here, this provides some real variety.

No Return

Trippy and spacey, this is an electronic styled cut. It's part pop music, part electronic prog and part psychedelia. I suppose you could make the argument for calling it "space rock.' Lyrically, it is about a space trip, and it's not far removed from that musical style. Again, Pink Floyd is not a bad comparison. The later sections, when it rocks out more, are decidedly Pink Floyd-like.


The opening bit of this makes me think of Marillion quite a bit. The cut works out from there in some intriguing ways. There are more pop rock based things at play here at times. Again, I can definitely make out some fusion in the mix. The instrumental section here really calls to mind the music of the 1970s. I can see some links to things like Steely Dan. There is definitely a jazzy element at work.

Winter Dance

This instrumental is full on AOR prog rock. It's has some definite fusion in some of the guitar soloing. It's a soaring, dynamic and particularly effective piece.

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