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Various Artists

Tonite Let's All Make Love in London

Review by Gary Hill

This soundtrack has been out of print since 1968. It's now been remastered and reissued on this CD release. It comes in a cool gatefold cover with a booklet and a sleeve for the CD, just like a tiny LP. It's kind of a weird release in that a lot of it is just interview clips. Perhaps the biggest draw for this are three variants on Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive" that are available nowhere else. There is some other cool music here, though. The whole set just feels like a bit of nostalgia to a bygone era.


This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2017  Volume 4 at

Track by Track Review
Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Soundtrack Version)

This version of the Pink Floyd classic is different than other versions previously available. It's a killer slab of psychedelic, trippy proto prog and works really well.

Michael Caine -. Interview 1

This is just a short interview bit.

The Marquis of Kensington - The Changing of the Guard (Soundtrack Version)

A bouncy little number, this is old school British music turned psychedelic. I love the harpsichord. There is a distant, bombastic bit of "God Save the Queen" at the end of this.

Twice As Much - Night Time Girl (Soundtrack Version)

More of a 1960s pop styled piece, I like this quite a bit.

Genevieve - Interview

Here we get another short interview clip.

Chris Farlowe - Out of Time (Soundtrack Version)

With a full arrangement, this is a fun pop rock tune. The vocal performance at times makes me think of David Bowie and at other times of Roger Daltrey. The music, though, is more of the standard pop music of the era.

Edna O'Brien - Interview

At almost two and a half minutes in length, this interview is far more substantial than the previous ones.

Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive - Extract 1

This section of the classic Floyd tune is one of the driving ones. It's about half a minute long.

Andrew Loog Oldham - Interview 1
Here we get a twenty second or so interview bit.
Vashti - Winter Is Blue Extract 1 (Soundtrack Version)

About a minute and a half long, this is trippy, mellow folk turned psychedelic.  It's rather gentle and quite pretty.

Andrew Loog Oldham - Interview 2

Roughly a minute and a half long, this is another interview section.

Vashti - Winter Is Blue (Reprise) (Soundtrack Version)

The return to the previous cut isn't a big surprise, but I like the instrumental section at the end.

Mick Jagger - Interview

Mick Jagger talks about a number of things.

Julie Christie - Interview

As you can guess, this is another interview clip section.

Michael Caine - Interview 2

This interview is about morals, and particularly those around the world.

Chris Farlowe - Paint It Black (Soundtrack Version)

I like this rendition of the Stones classic. It reminds me a bit of The Animals.

Alan Aldridge - Interview

Here is another interview bit.

Chris Farlowe - Paint It Black Reprise (Soundtrack Version)
This is a short bit with a flamenco horn section.
David Hockney - Interview

Here we get another short little interview clip.

Small Faces - Here Come the Nice (Soundtrack Version)
Pop music tinged with psychedelia is the order of business here.  I dig the weird slowed down section at the end.
Lee Marvin - Interview

Another interview clip, the title gave that away.

Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive - Extract 2 (Soundtrack Version)

This rocking section of the Floyd tune is a minute long. It fades down right as it's about to soar out into jamming.

Allen Ginsberg - Tonite Let's All Make Love in London

Here we get a spoken poetry section from one of the gods of that kind of artistry.

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