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Review by Gary Hill

I don't know if I would consider this to be art rock. I'd definitely consider it to be art music. That comes close enough in my book to land it under prog rock. This stuff is generally stripped back and minimalistic. The main elements are voice and piano, but there are other things here, too. This is definitely not pop music. It's often compelling. It's always intriguing.

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Track by Track Review
Tuned percussion sounds open the album. An artsy, trippy kind of sound makes the back-drop for the vocals. Some jazz elements emerge over the top as it works forward. There are definitely elements of modern chamber music in this.

Based around a piano and voice arrangement, there is a playful element to this. It's very much folk music based. Yet it's also art music for sure. There are comparisons to be made to both Kate Bush and Laurie Anderson.

Friendship Hoax

I'm not as enthused about this cut as I was the first couple. It's a bit stranger. It doesn't work as well to me. It seems a little awkward. Still, it's every bit as artsy as the music that has come before it.

There is a lot of classical music along with folk and more built into this piece. It's odd, but works better than the last track did.
Little Detail
Some hints of jazz are added to the mix here. Beyond that this isn't a huge change. That said, it's one of the more effective pieces here.
Rather sparse, yet somehow spacey, this piece is so cool. It's one of my favorites here, really. It is essentially just piano and voice, but there are bits of other sounds that lend something special to the piece. This is minimalistic, but also incredibly potent.
Steps Out of Sight

This is based pretty heavily on classical music. The violin really adds a lot to it. The whole piece has a definite folk prog texture, though.

Real You and Me
Now this is a big change. First there is a second voice. Second, this has more of a full pop music arrangement. It's energized and fun. I don't like it as much as I do some of the rest, though.
I like the ocean sounds that appear as accompaniment here. This is a pretty and rather gentle cut.
Just piano and voice, this is definitely an artistic excursion.
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