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Geoff Gibbons

Buffalo Hotel

Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing set. It has a real timeless, classic quality to it. The single word explanation for this would be "Americana," but there is quite  a bit of wiggle room within that label. This showcases some classic rock, plenty of country, a lot of folk and more. It's all very effective. The instrumental work performs the proper function of creating effective songs, even when it includes solos. The vocals (and particularly when we get multiple layers and types) are just about perfect for this music. All in all, this might not be the most original thing you've heard, but it's quite strong.

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Track by Track Review
Ain't Goin' Back
The acoustic guitar that opens this is just about perfect for the mood. This cut combines the soft rock of the 1970s with country and folk music. This is a dreamy kind of mid-tempo ballad. It's packed with beauty.
Lonesome Angel

More of a pure folk tune, this is powerful stuff. It makes me think of John Flynn to some degree.

Carolina Bound

There is a healthy helping of country music built into this number. It rocks a bit more than some of the others, and the slide guitar really reinforces that country element. This is another effective tune on a disc that's full of them. The vocal arrangement and hooks on this are so strong.

Hard Hard Rain
This is much more of a folk rock song. There are even some musical elements that flirt with progressive rock on the instrumental break. This is a classy tune that is one of my favorites here.
Me and Buffalo Bill
The Americana of folk rock is on display proudly here. It makes for another effective cut on a disc of particularly effective music.
The Other Side
This is a balladic cut that's reflective. There is a melancholy vibe to it. It has a lot of bluegrass music built into it. The multiple layers of vocals bring some definite magic to the table. There is a bit of somewhat random conversation at the end of this.
Back To You
I dig this bluesy rocker quite a bit. It's a nice change rolled into a catchy cut.
Ever Get To Georgia
Folk and country merge on this mellow balladic number. It's a pretty cut that feels timeless and classic. There is a bit of a soulful R&B kind of vibe here, too.
Blinded By Tumbleweeds
Energetic country rock is at the heart of this cut. It's a fun number with some interesting riffing.
Picture of Adeline
I love this song. It's a powerful folk rock number. It is a mid-tempo grind that has such a cool tone and mood.
City From The Stars
This mellow ballad has plenty of country music built into it. I suppose overall it's still folk, but it's got a lot of that country sound in its DNA.
Where Midnight Rolls

I'm reminded just a bit of Rod Stewart on this tune. It's a bit more of a bluesy rocker. It's classy stuff no matter how you label it. It's also a great closer. The fade down to some turntable noise followed by a return to the song proper is a nice touch.

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